Hideaway Storage Solutions for Your Bedroom

Bedroom storage ideas

Bedroom storage ideas

After the bed, if there is something more important in a bedroom, then it is definitely the storage element. At the end of the day, all that you would want to do is come to your bedroom, let go of all the life’s chaos and simply unwind and relax. Unfortunately, your room has piles of dirty clothes scattered all around and scouting through that overstuffed closet can be quite a difficult task. Now, when you are surrounded with such unkempt surrounding, how does one feel serene? Simple, all you need is these simple hideaway storage solutions for your bedroom. Stash all your junk in style!

Easy Hideaway Solutions:

With these simple solutions you can now easily store your things in your bedroom:

  1. Under-the-Bed Storage: Most of the beds come with an under the bed storage. Instead of giving away this space for the dust bunnies, use this storage space to store your tank tops, shorts and other things that you aren’t wearing for a particular season. In this way, you would make more space for your current outfits. The idea is to flip the storage according to seasons; it’s an amazing way to save more space. If your bed does not have the in-built storage facility, you can always purchase sliding drawer units which can fit right under your bed, an even better option would be storage bins which can roll in and roll out.
  2. Categorize and Maximize your Closet: Once in every few months, skim through your closet and consider what things you need access for on a daily basis. Put all your every-day use shoes in the centre or in the front and stash the rest away in their boxes and store in the upper shelves so that you can use them for special occasions. You can easily hideaway your things by tucking them in slide-out laundry bins, tiered tie racks and shoe cubes.  Avoid keeping your foot wear in a mix-and-match dump. The key to storing properly is to use as little drawer space as possible. Keep your T-shirts and sweaters on an open shelf so that you can view them easily. Drawers are to be used for things that cannot be stored well, like bras, underwear and socks.
  3. Go Vertical: When you run out of storage space in your bedroom, you can always look upwards. The word is “attic”; you can use these shelves for storing things that you do not need often, things like luggage, old clothes and books, etc.  If you have very limited space around your bed, you can consider ditching those bedside tables and getting one of those sturdy headboard cabinets that can hold books, lamps and glasses. Watch out for narrow, tall, armoires, corner cabinets and dressers so that you can stretch your bedroom storage space a little. Make your TV and other media related-entertainment space a little compact.
  4. Easy Storage Access: If it is difficult for you to get easy access for your attic, you can always consider installing another attic door in another bedroom of yours. Setting up a large hinged-door with an easy drop-down ladder access can help you to store more stuff and use it as and when needed.It is very easy for clothes to get piled up fast. Only when the pile becomes an ugly open-view-for-everyone, you realize that it’s time for laundry. Instead of keeping your piled up clothes for everybody’s view, you can directly throw your clothes in the machine and once you’ve had enough clothes, give it a wash. In this way you not only save space , you are forced to do your laundry on time as well.
  5. Kids-Friendly Bedroom Storage: We all know how filled-up a kid’s bedroom can be. All that we can see is toys, toys and more toys! However, you can make their cute, small bedroom more versatile by storing things wisely. Once your kids are done playing, hide all the toys under their bedroom shelves. The idea is to make storage attractive, easily accessible and interesting for your kids. Stuffed animals and blankets can be kept in a nice built-in drawer, when open doubles up into a window seat. It is very easy for put away things on shelves rather that hanging them in. Encourage your kids to keep specific things in specific drawers or baskets; this will help in enhancing their organizational skills.

These are a few simple and basic hideaway storage solutions for your bedroom. They are not only easy to follow, but are very light on the pocket. 

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