Hickies: The shoelaces you never need to tie up again

Hickies: The shoelaces you never need to tie up again

Despite the fact that sneakers and trainers are constantly evolving, shoelaces have remained relatively the same since their inception.

There are some that believe you shouldn’t mess with the design of a product if it is serving its purpose well enough. However, others think that you can always improve on technology and are striving to produce the perfect innovation.

One such pair of inventors, Mariquel Waingarten and Gastón Frydlewski loved their sneakers but had a problem with the shoelaces. They believed that the laces just got in the way, could not be tied up to someone’s personal preference without them loosening up, and were basically a bit outdated.

So when Gastón came up with an idea to revolutionise the ordinary shoelace, Mariquel was all for it.

So what is this revolutionary idea and how does it work?

Hickies shoelaces

How do Hickies work?

The Hickies lacing system turns any shoe into a slip-on. It is a set of plastic laces with small pop buttons that snap together. Because of the many different ways you can lace them through the eye-lets in your sneakers means that you can adjust how tight or loose you want to wear them, and once they are fitted there is no more fiddling about.

Hickies shoelacesHickies shoelaces

The unique lacing system means that you can attach each of the Hickies to each pair of eyelets separately. This gives you the opportunity to customize your fit as you can adjust the tension level.

Hickies are available in plastic, leather and fabric and can fit several different types of lace fastenings including D-rings, loops, metal eye-lets and fly wire.

Hickies shoelaces

In order to get Hickies off the ground and up and running, Gastón and Mariquel started a Kickstarter campaign which was highly successful, seeing them raise 600% more than their original goal.

The great thing about Hickies is that they can be worn in any type of shoe that previously used shoelaces. They will fit trainers, sneakers, work boots, office shoes, even dress shoes.

Hickies shoelaces

Hickies were designed in the first instance to be an answer to the slacking of shoelaces in athlete’s footwear, something that could really hinder their performance. However, it seems that celebrities are loving these shoelaces too, with the unique shoelaces spotted on Jessica Alba, Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner and Alesandra Ambrosio.

Hickies shoelaces

Hickies come in two different styles:

1.0 Originals – £11.99

2.0 performance – £13.99

For more information or how to buy the shoelaces visit the website here.

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