Heston Blumenthal’s stunning new Everdure Barbeque Range

Heston Blumenthal’s stunning new Everdure Barbeque Range

Image – Everdure

Heston Blumenthal. He’s a bit like marmite. You either love him or hate him. I grew to love him last Easter when he bought out his Cherry & Almond Hot Cross Buns. Now he has turned his attention to barbequing, and obviously, wherever Heston goes, he comes up with something extraordinary.

His new range of barbeques are like something from a cooking exhibition set in the near future. This is not entirely surprising as he has collaborated with Australian barbecue manufacturer, Shriro, to release a range that are technologically superior to anything else we’ve seen on the market so far.

Heston got involved in producing the range because: “I wanted to bring some of the techniques and methods I have developed in over 20 years in the kitchen and bring them to the great outdoors.”

In the Everdure range are six different BBQ’s, that come in varying sizes and suitable for different households.

There are four charcoal burners; the HUB, the largest of the BBQ’s, the FUSION which comes in two varieties (with or without a pedestal) the CUBE, and the two gas burners are the FURNACE and the FORCE.

The biggest model and the one everyone is talking about is the HUB, costing £1,499.00 and it includes some pretty special technological specifications. It has a fast flame ignition system which is also present in the two Fusion models. All you do is add charcoal, press an ignition button and the BBQ is ready to cook on in twenty minutes. The speed of lighting the coals is not just what the system is all about however, it also adds to the flavour as Heston explains:

“Because there is no firelighters and lighterfuel you can start cooking on the coals much earlier. They haven’t got any residual chemicals on them. So you don’t get those nasty flavours.”

The ignition system is a lot safer too, as it will help to stop the burns inflicted by using flammable fuel to start off a BBQ.

Probably the most talked about feature on the HUB however is the ‘Rotoscope’, a kind of integrated rotisserie system that comes up from inside the body of the BBQ and allows you to cook any kind of meat upto 40kg.

Heston Blumenthal’s stunning new Everdure Barbeque Range

Image – Everdure

However, it was this feature in particular that caused the most problems, as Heston admits: “The big thing we had to overcome was how to house the motor in the pillar for the rotisserie. Another problem was dispersion on heat. We worked out the distance between the handles and edge of grill was critical.”

As the Furnace and Force use gas and not charcoal, they do not have the fast ignition system, but they do have variable flame control and heat up incredibly fast.

You would think that this range of six BBQ’s would satisfy Heston’s thirst for invention, but he is not finished yet, with plans to add a probe for testing the temperature of meat and how long it will need to cook for. He also wants to link the range to smartphones and add woks and a lighting system so that you can see the BBQ in the dark.

“Or a frozen unit with a top that can also double as a table. Perfect if you have a small balcony or flat.”

Here is one man that cannot stop inventing!

You can now buy the Everdure by Heston Blumenthal range at John Lewis, with prices ranging from £149 to £1,499. Source: Wired.com

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