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He is best known for creating wonderful recipes, using space age equipment, to arouse and delight all the senses, but more recently, esteemed chef Heston Blumenthal has been busy in the kitchen, dreaming up the perfect set of culinary gadgets. The new Sage range consists of the perfect Tea Maker, guaranteed to make the best cuppa ever, and an all in one coffee express that not only grinds the beans from fresh, but delivers the best coffee you have ever tasted.

Heston Blumenthal

Heston Blumenthal: Picture – Sean Poulter

However, at prices which range from between £199 for the tea maker and £399 for a kitchen mixer, has Heston priced himself out of the ordinary cooks market? It seems that for these prices there had better be something special about these gadgets to warrant the high end costs to the consumer.

With this in mind, we took a closer look at some of the more popular devices to see what made them a little bit different. Here’s our verdict:

Sage® Citrus Press™ £199.99

Sage® Citrus Press™ £199.99

I do like citrus presses as a rule, as there is nothing like the taste of freshly squeezed orange juice to set you up for a morning, so what’s different about this one? Well, it has a specially patented juicing cone that is designed to get every last drop of juice from whatever size fruit you are juicing, be it the largest grapefruits or the smallest lemon, and everything between.

And the same cone will juice all these fruits, no matter what size they are. There is also a hinged arm so that you do not need to apply any pressure and you get 2 filters to choose from – coarse or fine – so that you can have fresh juice just how you like it.

Sage® Barista Express™ – £549.99

Sage® Barista Express™ - £549.99

If you wonder why coffee houses serve the best coffee it is because they grind the coffee beans in-house to make your lattes and cappuccinos. This allows the natural oils that give espressos and cappuccinos their rich flavour to stay as fresh as possible, and this is exactly what the Barista Express does.

It grinds fresh coffee straight into the filter for you, in exactly the right amount, then extracts the full, fresh flavour. The coffee Barista Express is fully automated with easy controls, so even the novice coffee maker can make a great cup of coffee.

Sage® Tea Maker™ – £199.99

Sage® Tea Maker™ - £199.99

Did you know that different teas need to be brewed at different temperatures? No, nor did we, but this tea maker does, and it also knows exactly how long and how hot to brew a cup for. All you have to do is fill the stainless steel basket with leaves, tell it what type of tea you are using, select the strength you want and it will do the rest.

Watch as it heats the water, lowers the basket, then raises the basket from the water when the tea is brewed. You can even use it as a ‘normal’ kettle, or set the temperature to brew coffee and if you want a morning cuppa, set the timer to wake you up with a morning brew in bed.

Sage® Smart Scoop™ Ice Cream Maker – £349.99

Sage® Smart Scoop™ Ice Cream Maker - £349.99

Some ice cream makers require you to watch over them if you are making more complicated recipes such as delicate sorbets, gelato or frozen yoghurts, and there is a chance that with even the most basic of recipes you could over-churn the mixture, Not so with the Smart Scoop.

This ice cream maker has automatic sensors that can tell how hard the mixture is, depending on your setting selection, and then keeps it at the right consistency for up to 3 hours. Best of all, when the ice cream is ready, it plays an ice cream van tune at the end of the cycle!

Sage® Kitchen Wizz Pro™ – £399.99

Sage® Kitchen Wizz Pro™ - £399.99

if you want safe and precise slices then the Kitchen Wizz Pro is the answer. With 24 precisely balanced thickness settings, you get ultimate control over your slices, with settings ranging from 0.5 to 8mm thick.

There is an extra-wide Big Mouth food chute that allows you to put larger or longer food in, which means that you can do all your vegetable prepping in a blink of an eye. A real bonus for the busy kitchen cook.

All products available from Lakeland.co.uk

All pictures courtesy Lakeland.

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