Here Come The Girls: The Lego Girls That Is!

If you thought Lego was just for the boys then think again. They have just launched a new collection of games that are ideal for girls who are into everything from fast cars, dressing up to owning a vets! And that’s not all. In amongst the dolls that you can buy are sets where your daughters or nieces can play until they run out of ideas, which is not likely! There is a city park cafe, a veterinary hospital, a bakery, a beauty salon and houses where the girls live. This amounts to many scenarios that the girls can conjure up, and they can swap their roles around or stick to their own dolls and play sets, it’s up to them. There are also quizzes that they can take part in and other games such as the ‘dressing up game’ and the ‘which Lego friend are you today’ game?

Examples of Lego Games

So if you want a game that will keep your gorgeous darlings occupied for hours on end, will stimulate their brains and help them to learn to share their toys, then you won’t go far wrong with this new Lego experience for girls!

Here are the girls and their favourite things:


Favorite animal: Horse, Robin

Hair color: Black

Favorite color: Purple

Favorite food: Fruits and veggies. And chocolate. And cupcakes. And pizza…

I love: Designing clothes and jewelry, crafts, interior decorating, remodeling and horseback jumping.

I’m also good at: Yoga, giving makeovers, martial arts, making origami animals.

My friends think I’m sometimes: Forgetful, but I never forget to accessorize.

I want to be: A designer

Motto: “That’s SO you!”

I would never: Leave home in clothes and accessories that don’t match!

I like to hang out: At the beauty salon and my design studio.


Favorite animal: My bunny, Daisy, and my dog, Coco.

Hair color: Blonde

Favorite color: Yellow

Favorite food: Cupcakes – you know, healthy ones, right? ;)

I love: Planning, organizing, talking to people, playing soccer, parties!

I’m also good at: Writing stories.

My friends think I’m sometimes: A bit too controlling… (Who, me? Seriously!)

I want to be: A journalist, an editor or a party planner.

Motto: “It’s all under control… Almost!”

I would never: Miss my friends’ birthdays or burn my cup cakes.

I like to hang out: My outdoor kitchen, my car, anywhere I can help plan fun events!


Favorite animal: My dogs, Jacky and Scarlett, and my horse, Bella.

Hair color: Red

Favorite color: Green

Favorite food: Sandwiches, vegetarian food.

I love: Taking care of animals, sports, working outside, camping, canoeing and horse riding.

I’m also good at: Training animals, fixing things, playing drums.

My friends think I’m sometimes: Not listening to what they say.

I want to be: A vet! Or an animal psychologist, or run a pet rescue center.

Motto: “Let’s get to work!”

I would never: Squish a bug or throw garbage in nature.

I like to hang out: At the Heartlake City Vet Clinic, and anywhere that I can take care of animals.


Favorite animal: Rabbits

Hair color: Dark brown

Favorite color: Blue

Favorite food: The more spice, the better. And milkshakes!

I love: Writing and composing my own songs,

I’m also good at: Dancing, singing, theater and drama, cooking, computer games.

My friends think I’m sometimes: A bit of a drama queen! But I’m just the kind of person things happen to!

I want to be: A musician/singer-songwriter.

Motto: “Music puts life in full color.”

I would never: Miss a tune! Or miss my favorite talent show on TV.

I like to hang out: At the City Park Café, on stage – performing my music!


Favorite animal: My cats, Missy and Spooky, and my bird, Goldie.

Hair color: Chestnut

Favorite color: Pink

Favorite food: Barbecue!

I love: My friends, science, school, drawing, inventing things, nature, hiking, photography, history.

I’m also good at: Reading maps, navigation by the stars, building things, computers.

My friends think I’m sometimes: Stubborn

I want to be: A scientist or an engineer.

Motto: “It’s easy, or at least we can figure it out.”

I would never: forget my homework or leave the house without my compass!

I like to hang out: In my workshop, with my friends in the Tree House Club, my house.

Examples of Lego Games

For more information please visit Friends.lego.com

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