Helping a Poorly Child Feel Better

Is there anything worse than seeing your little angel with a fever, dull eyes and a sad cast to their face as they feel poorly all day and all night long? It’s certainly not a popular occasion, as parents find it heartwrenching to see their children feel ill. But there are a few things you can do to help your child feel better.

Taking him or her to the doctor’s may often be overkill. However, should you have run out of Calpol and be skint until next payday, it’s a good idea to nip into the doctor’s for a prescription as you can fill your child’s prescription for free. Giving him or her regular doses of Calpol as prescribed can help them feel a little better, but be sure to time it so you can give them some before bedtime; this will help them fall, and stay, asleep.

Sore throats are a big problem, and can stop your child from eating and even from drinking. Obviously, Strepsils are not an option if your child is too young to use them, but sometimes the problem becomes one that requires resolving, no matter what the cost; if dehydration becomes a problem it can get quite severe in small monkeys. Some Mr. Freezes or a pot of ice cream may seem counter-intuitive but can really make a change. Additionally, the coldness of the ice or ice cream can help reduce swelling in the throat as well as numbing the pain, which can help get some food or water into your little guy or girl. It does of course also have nutritional value, and if you use ice lollies you’re effectively getting your child to ingest water or juice in frozen form, thus combating dehydration quite well.

Make sure your child doesn’t overheat; ‘sweating it out’ is no good for small children, so make sure a light blanket or sheet is all they have in bed and check on them frequently to adjust their bedcovers as needed. A window at a crack can let fresh air in, but if it’s very cold you’re best off keeping it shut.

Of all the complaints a child can have, congestion can be one of the worst. If your child does not naturally breathe through his or her mouth, a stuffy nose can make sleep virtually (or entirely) impossible. Run a hot shower in a closed bathroom for a while, then sit in the bathroom with your child. The steam will help to loosen the congestion; as long as he or she is comfortable enough to fall asleep, they will often stay that way.

Lastly, make sure a cup of water is always available for your child. If he or she wakes up in the middle of the night, water should be within easy reach. This can combat seriously sore throats caused by mouth-breathing and help fight dehydration due to fever.

After you’ve taken care of all of that, all you need to worry about is spoiling your little boy or girl a bit, to help them feel more comfortable and a little happier within themselves. I hope your kids feel better soon!

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