Helpful hints for the perfect shave

First impressions are important, which is why men like to keep their faces looking fresh by shaving. However, a shaving rash, or a stubble rash is not attractive, so read on for information on how to get the best out of razors and electric shavers.

perfect shave

perfect shave

To get the best result out of shaving with a razor, follow this handy step-by-step guide:

  • Always have a shower before you shave. This will ensure your pores are open and your skin is as supple as can be.
  • When showering before you shave, use an exfoliating lotion to get rid of any dead or rough skin on your face.
  • Upon getting out of the shower, apply shaving cream to your face, but be careful not to apply it too thick. Always apply the cream in a circular motion and leave it to sit on your face for a few minutes, as 70% more hair can be removed from your face when your skin is wet.
  • Shave with your razor in the direction your hair grows. Make sure you pull your skin tightly as you shave, to avoid cutting yourself.
  • Wash the shaving cream off of your razor after each stroke, to ensure an even shave.
  • Once you’ve finished shaving, wash the leftover cream off your face.
  • Dry your face and then apply aftershave lotion, to put the moisture back into your skin.

Shaving with a razor provides the best possible shave you can have, controlled by your own strokes of the razor. It’s best to change your razor after every fourth shave, to be sure you never shave with a blunt one.

Or, if you prefer shaving with an electric shaver, follow these helpful hints:

  • Apply lotion to your face before shaving, and never shave your skin without it.
  • Clean your electric shaver after each use, as shaving cream will build up inside it.
  • When using the shaver, shave in the direction the hairs on your face grow. You should also not rush, and not press down on your skin too hard.
  • Don’t let the price of some electric shavers put you off of using them. Whilst they are more expensive than buying disposable razors, they provide good results.

Shaving with an electric razor is found by some people to provide a faster and less messy shave. They are also less likely to cut the skin, as the control is with the shaver, and not with the person using it.

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