Heidi Klum Models for Jordache Jeans


Do you remember the cut price budget brand Jordache? You could get a pretty smart pair of jeans from their concessions in Wal-Mart back in the 1980’s and they enjoyed a fair amount of success in that decade. Recently however, the cut price brand has been a little quiet of late but that is all about to change as supermodel and all round gorgeous girl Heidi Klum is spearheading the company’s latest campaign. Jordache jeans have signed up the busy reality TV star and supermodel mum for their first major media campaign in 20 years, in an attempt to relaunch the brand for the noughties. And fans of the 39 year old supermodel will see her dancing to a revamped version of an updated Seventies-style soundtrack from Brooklyn’s Ian Love, which has been choreographed by the successful TV programme’s ‘So You Think You Can Dance‘s’ Mia Michaels.

Heidi Klum may not be immediately known for her dancing talents, but the president of Jordache, Liz Berlinger, told WWD in an interview about the campaign, “Heidi’s beautiful and a great businesswoman and designer, and she also turns out to be an amazing dancer with great stamina. She danced from 10 in the morning until midnight in 5-inch heels. I’d have a hard time walking down the street in the heels she was wearing.” Heidi Klum has a history of working with the cut price brand Jordache, as she represented the company on 2007 as part of their rebranding, then she actually designed a range of Jordache jeans and modelled them for the company in 2008. This is the first time she has been asked to dance however. The adverts, which are targeting a younger audience, will feature Ms Klum wearing four different types of Jordache jeans, from different colours to differing styles, and will be directed and shot by the famed British photographer and filmmaker, Rankin.

The Jordache jeans are a real bargain, considering they are endorsed by a supermodel and cost a very reasonable $16.44 at Jordache concessions within Wal-Mart. Ms Klum was not used to promote Jordache last year as the bargain company preferred 23-year-old 30 Rock star Katrina Bowden to spearhead their campaign. They changed their mind for this year however, and surprisingly, although they are aiming for a younger audience and target group, decided to go for an older lady in Ms Klum. Apparently, Jordache felt that the gorgeous supermodel had more youth appeal, despite her age. “We’re pushing a young missy product here, and Heidi is a great fit,” Ms Berlinger said. And exciting news for bargain hunters who love a celebrity endorsement; Jordache is supposedly looking to branch out into other areas of clothing, such as lingerie and womens apparel, and hopefully they may have some actual stores of their own in the future. For more information, please visit Jordache.

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