Heated Scissors set to banish split ends for good?

They are the bane of most womens’ lives, the dreaded split ends, and no matter what we do to them, they simply won’t go away. But now a revolutionary piece of equipment is set to banish those pesky split ends, and it’s all thanks to innovative hair stylist Arsen Gurgov.


This clever hair dresser has created a pair of electric scissors that heat up to 310 degrees. The scissors work by sealing the ends of the hair at the same time that they cut them, but the treatment doesn’t come cheaply, you pay up to $350 a pop for a session with the famed scissors.

Situated within the posh Fifth Avenue hair salon called Louis Licari, hair stylist Gurgov talks technical about how the scissors work: “With conventional scissors, the cuticle is still open,” he adds: “So a few months later, you still get those split ends. With these, the heat seals the ends, so ultimately you get no split ends.”

Picture: © Pearl Gabel/New York Daily News

Picture: © Pearl Gabel/New York Daily News

Gurgov has worked at the famous salon for over 15 years and has seen many clients with split ends, which prompted him to devise the clever gadget. Amongst his clientele are such celebrities as Emmy Rossum, Susan Sarandon, Kathie Lee Gifford, Julianne Moore and Hoda Kotb.

Gurgov says that with splits ends, most people have to grit their teeth and have their hair cut short, time and time again until all the split ends have gone, but not with the heated scissors: “Once you have split ends, you’re kind of forced to cut your hair again. And most people want to keep it long.” And not only do the scissors allow clients to keep their hair long, but they don’t have to put up with the wispy lifeless ends that having split ends results in.

Picture: © Pearl Gabel/New York Daily News

Picture: © Pearl Gabel/New York Daily News

Gurgov spent a long time researching new technologies in order to design his heated scissors, and says that he actually got a tip from a friend in the hair industry before he made the finished product: “They’re German-made scissors. I knew about people in Germany who were actually able to get these scissors for a while, and I just couldn’t get them. I went to Moscow, to England, and I found a guy who was able to access the Germans.”

The scissors work alongside the same principle as a curling or flat iron, but they have more flexibility within the temperature range.

Picture: © Pearl Gabel/New York Daily News

Picture: © Pearl Gabel/New York Daily News

So aren’t clients a little afraid of getting singed or burnt when he is using them? Gurgov says not, as he has had excellent feedback form his customers. And indeed, one of his latest, Ronnie Oppenheim said she didn’t even notice that he had started: “I wasn’t quite sure what was going on. Because he didn’t mention it to me. . . . I saw that he paid more attention to the details of the hair when he was cutting.”

Source: NY Daily News

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