Healthier Snacks on the Rise

For people who are typically busy yet do not want to snack on unhealthy food such as burgers, fat laden sandwiches, sweet lattes or pasties, trendy healthy snacks are definitely the way to go. But does healthy eating equate to boring and unappetising? Would you give up your tasty mini fish and chips treat on a Friday lunch time for a bag of nutritious and wholesome nuts? It just doesn’t bear thinking about; to me, life is too short. So is there any way that healthy snacking can ever take over where taste and flavour rule? Well, everything in moderation I say. And a good guide is the old 80/20 rule, where you eat sensibly for 80% of the time and the remaining 20% you eat what you like. So you can fit in some healthy eating items into your lunchtime and still eat something that doesn’t scream wholesome as well. For example, have a yogurt with your burger, or try a fruit bar as an afternoon snack instead of a chocolate bar. By changing small eating habits like these, you will not only be cutting down on unhealthy eating but you will be changing your mental attitude towards food. Here are some of our favourite and tasty snacks to get you in the mood for healthy eating:

Benecol Fruit Layer Yogurts – £2.39 per pack of four

Benecol have expanded their fat-free range providing yet more sweet options for those who want to lower their cholesterol. Comes in raspberry and strawberry flavours. These pots of yogurt are ideal to pop into a lunch box to take either to work or school. Buy at any reliable supermarket including Tescos.

AOk – £1.69 for a 250ml bottle

AOk is a red grape, cherry, aloe vera and ginger drink, with a hint of vanilla. One 250ml bottle of the detoxing juice provides your daily recommendation of antioxidants and just 145 calories. Drink this instead of your usual latte before work to give you an extra boost in the office or before a workout at the gym. Available from Waitrose.

Preda forest feast exotic dried mango – £2.69 each

These tasty pockets of dried mango won a great taste award last year, taste them and you’ll soon see why. They are great for just nibbling on throughout the day to relieve hunger pangs, or leave them in the car and munch instead of having car sweets. Buy from Waitrose.

Apple Pie Nakd Bar – 75p each

Who said cereal bars had to taste of cardboard? Nakd proves that does not have to be the case. If you are getting a little fed up with cereal bars all tasting the same, or you are worried about the sugar content in some, try these, they are perfect to eat instead of a chocolate bar. Buy from Planet Organic.

Tyrrells Crisps Mixed Root Vegetable Crisps 150G – £2.99 per 150g bag

No, these are not potato chips, these are a colourful union of earthy beetroots, sweet carrots and that unsung hero of the Sunday roast: the parsnip all made to sing with a pinch of sea salt. And if you like these, keep your eyes peeled for our magnificent potato crisps. Buy from Tescos.

Eat Natural Little Bars – £2.99 for 210g bars

The share bag contains 11 assorted mini bars, including Almond, Apricot and Yoghurt, Peanuts, Cranberries and Milk Chocolate and Cranberries, Macadamias and Dark Chocolate. They contain no artificial colours or preservatives. Perfect for those who feel they are missing out on biscuits and cakes. Buy from Waitrose.

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