Health benefits of green tea

Green tea

Green tea

Green tea is widely known to treat almost everything ranging from headaches to even depression. There are long-term benefits associated with drinking green tea which is the reason for its widespread preference. Research has shown that drinking green tea reduces the risk of ESOPHAGEAL CANCER, as it inhibits the growth of cancer cells. Another research has shown that drinking green tea lowers the total CHOLESTEROL LEVELS and improves the ratio of good cholesterol to bad cholesterol while decreasing the risk of heart ailments. Green tea is reputed to be helpful in few medical conditions such as cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, high cholesterol levels, cardiovascular diseases, impaired immune function etc. to name a few. The secret of green tea being so healthy is the fact that it is rich in CATECHIN POLYPHENOLS, which includes a powerful anti-oxidant. Besides inhibiting the growth of cancerous cells, it also inhibits the abnormal formation of blood clots without harming the healthy tissues in the body. This plays a very important role in reducing the risk of stroke and cardiac failures. Green tea contains important ANTI-OXIDANTS which help to maintain the good health of an individual.

 Although there are other teas as well like green, oolong and black from the leaves of the plant CAMELLIA SINENSIS plant, but only green tea is known to be very healthy. The main reason behind this is the way the green tea leaves are processed and steamed. Green tea leaves undergo minimal processing which prevents the important anti-oxidant in them from being oxidized as the leaves are withered and steamed; not fermented. On the contrary, the black and oolong tea leaves are made by fermentation. Recent evidence is emerging that the green tea leaves even help DIETERS to a great extent, as it helps burn calories the natural way. Green tea is also known to prevent TOOTH DECAY, DENTAL PLAQUE and other dental diseases. It has bacteria-destroying capabilities which helps prevent dental diseases and also helps prevent food poisoning. Now-a-days skin preparations are also available in the market; which contain green tea, ranging from deodorants to creams and lotions. The varying benefits of green tea is its potential to fight cancer, HEART DISEASES, lowering cholesterol, burning fat, preventing DIABETES, STROKE and the list goes on. These outcomes however are influenced by other lifestyle related factors such as consumption of fish, soya proteins etc. Today, the only known side effect of drinking green tea is supposed to be insomnia. This is widely due to the fact that green tea contains caffeine. However, the caffeine content in green tea is very much less as compared to that of coffee. The anti-oxidants present in green tea hunt for free radicals which damage the DNA contributing to cancer and BLOOD CLOTS. Other food products like grapes, berries, red wine, dark chocolate etc. are also known to contain anti-oxidants like green tea.

An important question here is the quantity and frequency of drinking green tea that can garner the health benefits. 2-3 cups of green tea per day of standardized green tea extract is recommended for healthy intake in adults. Its intake for children isn’t recommended as there is no proper evidence of its advantages in them. Green tea intake protects CARTILAGE DESTRUCTION and hence reduces JOINT SWELLING and pain, which is an important remedy in treating ARTHRITIS. It also helps in preventing clogged arteries, thereby reducing the cholesterol levels, diabetes and risk of stroke. Since it maintains the cholesterol levels, it has been shown to fight against obesity and accelerate WEIGHT LOSS. Healthy intake of green tea is known to boost your IMMUNE SYSTEM. It helps in preventing symptoms of cold and influenza plus ALLERGIC REACTIONS in the body too. It can prevent you from having watery eyes, sneezing, coughing etc. It is also known to be effective in treating GENITAL WARTS and infections. Since it is known to protect the brain cells from damage, it can prevent the nerve damage that can lead to ALZHEIMER’S DISEASE and PARKINSON’S DISEASE to a great extent. One of the most important advantages of green tea is for women. It has properties which can slow down the ageing process to a great extent! Green tea is supposed to leave your skin look softer, supple and radiant. So switching to green tea intake than sipping tea or coffee each time will be a good option, don’t you agree with me?              

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