Which Head Lice Treatment should you buy for your child?

Which Head Lice Treatment should you buy for your child?

Now that children are back to school, one thing you don’t want them bringing home are head lice.

Head lice are tiny, wingless insects that spread like wildfire in schools through head-to-head contact, and can be extremely difficult to get rid of. They live on the human scalp and only feed on human blood.

And if you think your child won’t contract them, think again, according to government statistics, one in three children under the age of eleven will get them every year.

There are tons of head lice treatments on the market, some contain harsh chemicals, designed to get rid of the pesky lice in one go. Others are gentler and can be used for younger children with sensitive skin.

There are two main treatments for head lice:

  • Application of lotions and sprays
  • Wet combing

Lotions and sprays usually contain the active ingredient dimeticone or an isopropyl myristate and cyclomethicone solution.

Some applications need to be left on the hair overnight, others for up to 15 minutes.

Wet combing involves shampooing the hair and then applying conditioner which is left in. The comb is then moved through the hair to remove the lice and the eggs.

Whichever method you choose, it is advisable to treat every infected child on the same day at the same time.

Here are our recommendations for all ages and skin types:

Full Marks Solution 100ml – £4.10

Full Marks Solution 100ml - £4.10

Most head lice treatments actually poison the lice and cause them to die off. This one from Full Marks physically dehydrates them which then allows you to simply comb them out. Clinically proven 5 minute treatment.

From: superdrug.com

Hedrin Treat & Go Head Lice Lotion 50ml – £4.48

Hedrin Treat & Go Head Lice Lotion 50ml - £4.48

This is a treatment that you leave on overnight, but for smaller children it is less traumatic as it comes in a lotion, spray and mousse which you just apply to the hair and leave to dry. The children can then get on with their normal activities whilst the product does its stuff.

From: chemistdirect.co.uk

Lyclear Treatment Shampoo & Comb 200ml – £7.99

Lyclear Treatment Shampoo & Comb 200ml - £7.99

A tried and tested shampoo here which is ideal if you don’t want to use sprays or harsh chemicals. The shampoo works by suffocating the head lice and dehydrating the adults and any eggs. You do have to leave it on for at least ten minutes for it to work.

From: boots.com

Lice Free Set – £11.50

Lice Free Set - £11.50

Completely paraben-free set here that uses natural products to kill off head lice. The Lice Free Set contains tea tree oil, geranium and lavender essential oils which when combined stops the head lice from moving on the scalp and blocks their respiratory track. It also prevents the natural progression from nymph to adult and helps to dissolve the chitin glue that is essential for the lice to hold onto the hair.

From: frezyderm.com

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