Having Safe, Outside Fun in Wintry Weather

Now that the snow has arrived for many of us, and even in case it all melts and the rains return, having fun outside can be a wonderful way for children and adults to blow off steam. In the final days of January, when we’re all hurting for money, it can be easy to get a bit of cabin fever and especially little kids can go a little stir-crazy. But even on rainy days, playing outside can be fun and safe. Find out how!

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If it snows, you have little choice. No matter what your situation, your children will want to go outside and play in the snow, and they will come back in chilled to the core and dressed in sopping-wet clothes, dragging half a snowman’s worth of snow along behind them. There are a few precautions you can take to ensure their safety.

First of all, make sure your sledge, if you have one, is in tip-top condition. Sledges which have sustained serious damage such as cracks, can be dangerous if they split apart at the wrong time. Replace a broken sledge; local shops should offer some for a few quid at a go. The odds of something dangerous happening with a cracked one are slim, but they do exist.

Make sure your child’s got a safe place to play. The local park is a good place if you haven’t got a garden. Just remember that the street is more dangerous than it usually is; cars will find it more difficult to stop and may lose control. If your children must play out in the road, make sure they are aware of the added danger and adequately supervised for their ages.

Keeping them warm while they’re outside is important, too. When your children are playing near your house, it’s easy enough to call them in and warm them up, but if you take a trip outside the house and take them to a local woods or park, it can be harder. Why not purchase a thermos flask and fill it with warm chocolate milk? Filling it three-quarters of the way to the top with hot chocolate and topping it up with cold milk can go a long way towards making it easily drinkable, but keeping it warm enough to make a difference. If you’re driving, pop a warm blanket into the car that you don’t mind getting wet and dirty; that’ll keep them toasty during the drive home!

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But if the snow lets up, your kids can still get a lot of enjoyment from playing outdoors. A waterproof coat and a pair of wellies will do to make your child stay warm whilst puddle-jumping. Don’t underestimate the value of getting to break the rules a little, or the value of puddle-jumping in terms of getting a child who is full of beans tired out a little in the face of physical exertion. Just make sure you have a doormat and some towels ready, or your home will soon be covered in rainwater and muddy footprints!

Ultimately, no matter what the weather is like, some fresh air and exertion are good for your children. With these handy tips you can make playing outside an exciting possibility no matter whether it snows or rains cats and dogs this winter season!

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