Have You Heard of Milk and More?

If you have ever run out of milk, or essential groceries and wished you had a local milkman, well now there is one, except this one lives online. Milk & More is part of the Dairy Crest Group, which is the same as your local friendly milkmen, but now they are available on the internet. The best thing about milk&more however, is that they do not only deliver fresh milk and everything dairy to your door, they also offer a huge and ever-expanding range of essentials. And now their customer base extends to over 1.4 million homes all over the UK. From bread and milk to the freshest seasonal fruit and vegetable boxes, they’ve got all your daily essentials covered in one easy-to-manage online service. And it’s not difficult to place an order. Simply register your details on a one page form, and then you are ready to place your first order. Then you can leave the rest to your very own milkman. You’ll know who he or she is by name and it will be the same person delivering to you every time – no anonymous delivery drivers. It will be the same milkman delivering your daily essentials, first thing in the morning, up to six days a week (depending on how often he’s in your street) and you can track your order online at any time in the day by accessing your milk&more account.

Milk&more deliver well known brands at reasonable high street prices and the delivery price is included, so you won’t have anything extra to pay at the end of the month apart from your milk&more grocery bill. Best of all, you never need to book a delivery slot. Simply place your order and your milkman will be with you in the morning. It’s as easy as that. And you can change your order, right up until 9pm that evening for next day delivery. What’s more, if you spend over £20 on an order from milk&more, you are eligible for a discount of £10 off your next shopping spend. Simply enter promo code ACTIVE8 (use capitals) in your shopping basket and click “GO” before confirming your order. And remember, you can spread the £20 shopping over the length of the promotion, it doesn’t have to be in one delivery. Paying is easy too. You simply set up a direct debit account and milk&more will debit your bank at the end of each month.

Milk&more have over 250 daily product essentials for you to browse through, including milk and dairy, bakery, fresh food, drinks and snacks, pet food, store cupboard, home and garden and seasonal offers. It is a great way to make sure you never run out of the essential everyday items your household rely on from day-to-day. Another good way to use milk&more is for eldery or disabled people. If you know someone who is housebound, and cannot get out to the shops for themselves, milk&more can deliver anything from bread, butter, cheese, milk and pet food to their door. You can use their postcode checker to see if they deliver in your area, and you can even order for them yourself if they are unable to. It’s a great way to keep older parents, or disabled people in their own homes, allowing them to remain independent for as long as possible. You can opt to have certain items delivered on a regular basis, such as milk and bread, and others as a one-off. At present, milk&more have a great range of Easter Eggs and chocolates, including a special Walkers Collectors Edition of the Queens Diamond Jubilee Shortbread Biscuits. See info below:

This 450g selection of Walkers famous shortbread is sure to delight collectors and connoisseurs alike with its variety of all-natural shortbread, including ten shortbread triangles, five shortbread rounds, five oval shortbread, three shortbread fingers and four chocolate chip shortbread. Walkers Shortbread celebrates The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, which marks Her Majesty’s sixty-year reign, with the launch of a beautiful commemorative tin. The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Tin is adorned with a lovely image of Her Majesty and incorporates her Diamond Jubilee emblem, which was designed by ten-year-old Katherine Dewar from Chester, England. Dewar’s colourful design was chosen from nearly 35,000 entries submitted by children ages six through fourteen to a design competition hosted by Buckingham Palace and the BBC’s Blue Peter program. Costs £9.99.

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