Have Fun in the Summer Holidays for Less than a Tenner

We are well into the middle of the summer holidays and it is around now that parents begin to despair and worry what they are going to do with their children, as the money to take them out on excursions starts to run out. The problem is that is can be so expensive to take the kids on a day out, even if you are only going to a theme park, a zoo or to the seaside for the day. You have to pay for the tickets to gain entry into an attraction, then there is the food and drinks throughout the day, and of course the petrol costs to get there; it all adds up. But what if I told you there are some places that only cost around a tenner, or less, and some are even free? With everyone tightening their belts this summer, it makes sense to cut costs and save money wherever you can, So have a read and see if you and the children fancy any of the days out we are featuring below:

If your children love cartoons, and let’s face it, who doesn’t? You can do worse than to take them to the Cartoon Museum at 35 Little Russell Street, situated near The British Museum. On 23rd February 2006 this museum opened to the public. The Cartoon Museum exhibits the very finest examples of British cartoons, caricature, and comic art from the 18th century to the present day. The museum holds various workshops throughout July and August, including a ‘Draw a Superhero Day’, ‘Fun Flip Books’ and ‘The Only Way is Comics’. There are Family Fun Days on every Saturday of the month, entry is £6 for an adult, £4 concessions, £3 for students and under 18’s are free.

If granny and grandad have offered to take the kids for a day and you fancy treating yourself and your partner to a night out, why not consider one of the rooftop outdoor cinema screenings that are being held this summer? Venues in London are at the Queen of Hoxton, Shoreditch, and The Rooftop Gardens, Kensington, but you can find regional screenings if you look on Google. Classic films are shown five nights a week and tickets cost just £10. Screenings include Requiem For A Dream, Up, The Graduate, The Big Lebowski, Grease, Back to the Future, The Goonies, Some Like It Hot, Law Abiding Citizen and Edward Scissorhands, to name a few. The atmosphere is incredible, just remember to take with you a flask of hot coffee (or something stronger!) and a blanket.

For those of you who love a bit of history, and want to visit some historic buildings, why not check out this islands fantastic castles? There is Peveril Castle in the Peak District, for which you can gain entry for only £4.50, (£2.70 for children). Here you can see some of the country’s earliest Norman Fortresses. Or how about Pendennis Castle, where ‘knights’ will partake in grand medieval jousting and you can be entertained by a jester and take part in the ongoing medieval games. An adult ticket would set you back £9.40, while a child’s ticket would cost just £6.40. If you are already holidaying in the Cornwall area, you should pay a visit to the stunning Tintagel Castle. It is surrounded by breath taking views as it is situated high up on a hill, and history buffs will want to know that it is rumoured to have housed at one point, the Knights of the Round Table. Prices are £5.40 for adults and £3.40 for kids.

The August Bank holiday weekend sees the famous Notting Hill Carnival taking place, and despite all the press, it is actually a very child friendly event, but remember that Sunday is the day to take children as Monday is adults day. To be sure not to miss any of the action and the floats, you should aim to be there for the start at 9am on Sunday 26th August and the same time on Monday 27th of August. The Carnival parade should complete its procession by 7pm. You should make sure you are hungry when you turn up to the carnival as there’s nothing quite like the smell of Notting Hill Carnival. We’re talking about the wonderful aromas of traditional Caribbean food. The Notting Hill Carnival provides the perfect introduction to jerk chicken, rice and peas and rum punch as well as the odd taste of other exotic cuisines. There will be patties, curries, jerk chicken and fried plantain from the street stalls to sink your teeth into.

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