Hats that Flatter the Shape of Your Face

Have you ever seen your friend in an amazing hat, gone and bought a similar style only to find it looks ridiculous on you? It is possible that the shape of your face does not suit that design and until you know what type of face you have, you’ll not be able to match a suitable hat to it. As we dress to enhance our figures, so can hats have a similar effect on our faces. If we have sharp and defined cheekbones we should be looking for softer styled hats to balance this. Likewise, if we have round faces then we can get away with very strong designs, even asymmetric. To see what style suits you, first decide what type of face you have then choose a hat!

Oval Face

Most styles suit this type of face so you can be much more adventurous in your choosing of hats. There are no real restrictions except for make sure you get a hat that fits correctly, you wear it properly over your forehead and you can balance the ovalness of your face by tilting it to one side.

Hats to try: Straw boaters, cocktail style hat, sun hat, wide brimmed hat.

Round Face

Round faces can take many styles but a great one that really suits a round face is an asymmetrical style, particularly with a high crown. And wear them at a jaunty angle to offset even more. Go for neat, strong and angular styles to help make your face look more angular and so give better proportions. Small and round faces can tend to look small so always go for hats with a high crown that add extra height.

Hats to try: Trilby, wide brimmed hat, asymmetric trilby.

Rectangular Face

Sharp and clean designs suit a rectangular face and wear them straight on and forward to reduce the length of your face. Go for hats with wide brims to balance the long features and a low crown. This will cover the forehead and shorten the length for a stylish and sleek appearance.

Hats to try: Stetsons, trilby, wide brimmed hats.

Square Face

Square faces needs to be balanced out so choose hats that have curves and wavy lines, these will add a roundness to the sharp lines of a squarer face. Good styles to go for are over styled 70’s types with large brims that will aim to soften a heavy jaw line and balance out any features.

Hats to try: Floppy sun hat, large floppy hat, wide brimmed hat.

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