Hatchimals Surprise Twins are this year’s must-have Christmas Toy

Hatchimals Surprise

Parents of young children have probably already heard of Hatchimals, the range of toys that feature a coloured egg. the egg hatches to produce a cute fluffy animatronic pet which goes through many stages of development. The pets have to be cared for, fed accordingly, nurtured and you can of course play with them.

Hatchimals Surprise

For this Christmas the makers of Hatchimals – Spin Master – have gone one step further and produced a new addition to family – Hatchimals Surprise.

Hatchimals Surprise works in exactly the same way to their predecessors but this time there are twins in the eggs and these twins do not like to be separated.

“Each egg hatched will reveal either a pair of identical or fraternal twins,” the company said in a statement. The twins are also a little larger than the originals and there are two new species: Giravens and Peacats.

Hatchimals Surprise

Giraven identical twins have pink fur and blue spots, whereas fraternal twins of these species will have either blue or pink fur complete with yellow spots. Peacat identical twins have blue fur with purple stripes, and the fraternal twins’ versions have yellow or purple fur with blue spots.

You still have to encourage the Hatchimals to hatch out of the egg by stroking it and tapping on the outside (it will even tap back) and lights will flash from the inside. When they are ready to hatch they will break through the eggshell singing ‘Hatchy Birthday’.

Hatchimals Surprise

Each Hatchimal has its own personality and will go through three stages of life, from baby to toddler to kid helping around the house. The two Hatchimals can interact with each other and just like real twins have a special bond.

They help children to learn new things as your child teaches them to talk, walk, dance and play.

The recommended retail price for the Hatchimal Surprise Twins is around £74.99 and you can buy them at typical toy stores such as Toys’R’Us, Symth’s Toys, Argos and Tesco.

We advise that you pre-order as soon as possible to avoid disappointment, as last year many parents left it until the last minute and the shops had sold out.





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