Has X Factor Boss Simon Cowell had Botox?

Viewers of the Piers Morgan show may have noticed something a little awry with Simon Cowell’s features last night as he was being quizzed about Cheryl Cole’s sacking from the US version of the X Factor. Looking more like a wax model from Madame Tussauds, Simon did not try to deflect difficult questions from his friend Piers but perhaps this is because he knew his face would not give him away. Expressionless and without any wrinkles around his eyes, the X Factor boss kept his cool even though Piers asked him what the nation wanted to know, why did he sack Cheryl Cole?



51-year-old Simon, who once described Botox as ‘no more unusual than toothpaste’, replied that it was because ‘she seemed a little bewildered’ but so were many people who tuned into The Piers Morgan Show and saw Simon’s face for the first time. The customary wrinkles and laughter lines around his eyes seemed to have disappeared and in their place were some super smooth skin. Simon has not denied using botox in the past commenting, “Yes, I’ve had Botox, but not in an obsessive way. Then again, every guy I know who works in the City has had it now. It works, you do it once a year – who cares?” And fellow X Factor judge Louis Walsh said once that Cowell wanted him to have cosmetic surgery because of high-definition television. He said of Cowell, “I don’t know what bits of him are real any more, I don’t think he does either.”

Comments from the general public reveal that many think he has had a face lift and others thought the pictures released from the Piers Morgan interview were of a real life wax dummy. Take a look at our before and after pictures and see what you think. Has he gone too far with the injections or does he look refreshed and brighter?

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