Harry Potter Your Home with New Oxford Furniture

Oxford University has, of course, gained much fame and acclaim over the many years since it became established as an educational facility. Now, however, the university has decided to capitalise on its fame and its recent use in the Harry Potter films as a stage for the scenes taking place inside Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry by making and selling its own range of furniture. So are you enough of a fan to want to outfit your home in this range of Harry Potter-style furniture?

Many of the professors and university officials, who have not authorised this furniture collection, are not in favour of its perceived cheapening of the Oxford University name. But with such compelling names as “tutor’s chair” and “senior common room” sofa, not to mention the baroque quality and supposed historic importance, this furniture is garnering quite a bit of attention as its manufacturers attempt to get John Lewis, Selfridges, and Harrods to sell it.

Pricing will stand in most people’s way as you could end up paying thousands for an item of furniture, but wouldn’t it be worth it for a Harry Potter-style dining room table?

Some of the consumers targeted by the manufacturers include wealthy Chinese businessmen and Oxford University alumni, but with the university’s officials in an uproar it may not reach this latter demographic.

Nevertheless, if you have quite a sizeable budget you may be waiting with bated breath for this furniture range to become commercially available. And one thing’s for sure – when photos of this collection finally reach the public eye, the controversy generated by the university authorities’ disapproval of the range will guarantee it quite a lot of attention right off the bat. It’s up to its manufacturers to hope that this attention will translate easily to revenue.

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