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Clue Harry Potter

The game of clue now comes with a magical twist. Clue Harry Potter is a fun version of the old game that will make fans and non-fans have a magical fun time going through the Hogwarts castle in the search for a wizard that used a spell on an unsuspecting victim. It is actually a bit more complicated than that. The story is that of a student that has gone missing and players must attempt to solve the mystery by moving through secret passages which actually move to be revealed. Once you have figured out the mystery you head to Professor Dumbledore’s office to make the accusation. The game is best for ages 7 and up, but adult fans will probably have a lot of fun as well.

Harry Potter Replica: Hogwarts Castle

Harry Potter is well-loved and Hogwarts Castle Replica is a great addition to your Harry Potter collection. The Hogwarts castle is set on a beautiful base and the detail is superb. It is not a light replica so you have to be a bit careful when placing it on what will be its permanent location. Your fan friends who get a look at the castle will be amazed and it is sure to make your collection the hit of the group. The colors of the castle and its entire setting have been done so carefully that rock does not look like any other material than rock (even though the castle is made from porcelain that is cold cast). As far as the placing of the castle you may want to look for a wall in your house with dark colors, black or navy blue are perfect to make it look even more astounding. The Hogwarts replica is made of cold cast porcelain and it measures 12 inches from top to bottom without counting the base. The weigh is just above 15 pounds.

Harry Potter: Writing Quill From Hogwarts

A Writing Quill from Harry Potter’s Hogwarts is a beautiful addition to your Harry Potter item collection. The box and writing quill look perfect on your desk. Some people may put away the box and settle with leaving the quill on top of the desk, but the box is also so beautiful that you just have to leave it outside for all to see. The pen actually works and the base does store ink, but you may want to use it more as a decoration than an actual writing device. This quill is also the perfect gift for fans that must have everything Harry Potter and will be appreciated by those fans; but even people who are not fans of the Harry Potter series can see the artful and classic way the quill is displayed.

Harry Potter Snape Diorama

One of the main characters of the Harry Potter series is beautifully brought to life with this Harry Potter Snape Diorama. The hero of the series whom everyone thought was a villain has a diorama that has been so detailed that every fan would be appreciative of it. As with any items of this type you have to be extremely careful with the packaging, because dioramas are prone to breaking and the same is the case with this one. So be careful with packaging and with the location where you display it and you will have one of the must have items from the Harry Potter saga intact. Cleaning is best done dry and a feather duster will do the trick. You do not want to do anything that will damage the item. The scene is 3-dimensional and the diorama is 7 inches tall.

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