Harrods Sign Top Restauranteurs – Richard Corrigan and Galvin Brothers

Galvin Brothers & Richard Corrigan

Following on from the historic department stores’ hugely successful 2011, in which it saw the opening of a pop-up restaurant by French Laundry, run by Thomas Keller; Harrods has decided to enlist the help of a couple of other top restauranteursRichard Corrigan and Galvin Brothers. The celebrated chefs will both be part of two exclusive new restaurant openings in Harrods for 2012 that will lift the iconic stores’ profile even higher.

March of this year will see the launch of Galvin Demoiselle, which will be situated within the stores iconic Food Halls, and will also be the fifth offering now in London from Galvin Restaurants. The restaurants were founded in 2005 by Michelin-starred chef brothers Chris and Jeff Galvin. It is the brothers themselves who have taken control of the concept and design for the new bistro style eaterie, however, the restaurant will be managed by Chris’ wife, Sara Galvin. The new bistro style restaurant will be located in a beautiful, elevated spot, which overlooks the general hustle and bustle of the Food Halls. The 60-cover bistro restaurant will focus on French cuisine, and will include a number of signature Galvin dishes such as confit pork cheeks, tarte tatin with exclusive creations for Demoiselle such as Baked lobster fishcake. It is thought that the decor of the restaurant will complement Harrods’ legendary interior hues of sage and rust.

Harrods Food Hall

Meanwhile, in May, Richard Corrigan is set to open a new Bentley’s Oyster Bar & Grill outlet in the store’s Meat & Fish Hall, and will take over the spot presently occupied by Harrods’ Sea Grill seafood restaurant. This will be Corrigans second London offering of his now iconic English seafood restaurant. The Bentleys restaurant was first established in 1916 and now run by owner Chef Richard Corrigan. Corrigan has promised that in keeping with the Bentley’s tradition, the 25-cover restaurant will include a crustacean bar, and a range of seafood and fish, including a selection of hot rock oysters and seafood cocktails and pies, with the menu focusing on top-quality seafood and fish. It is imagined that the design from the restaurant in Piccadilly will be replicated, all from the oyster shell lamps to the linen drapes and the classic silver tableware and cutlery.

Type of Dessert from Bentleys

The Director of Restaurants at Harrods, Paul Goodale says, “The launches of Galvin Demoiselle and Bentley’s Sea Grill at Harrods make an exciting start to the year, building on the successes of 2011. The openings signal our long-term plans to build partnerships with the industry’s most respected chefs and to further strengthen our portfolio of 28 restaurants.”

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