Harley-Davidson launches the Street 750cc bike for young city riders

Harley-Davidson Street 750

Harley-Davidson Street 750

They say old bikers never die, they just add another wheel, but renowned U.S motorbike company Harley-Davidson is keen to attract a younger generation, and with this in mind, are planning to introduce a new lower 750cc at the end of this year.

Harley-Davidson is synonymous with venerably aged bikers, complete with dirty leather jackets, long hair and beards, with a love of the open road and the freedom that their bikes afford them. But as these older bikers hang up their helmets for the last time, the American biking firm is looking to a new fan base, and are targeting the younger more urban riders, with this new 750cc engine.

Typically all Harleys were manufactured with an engine size of over 1000 cc, with the emphasis on touring over long distances. The Harley-Davidson Street 750 however, is designed to get city dwellers’ motors running, and has been developed for commuting to work, or shorter journeys in and out of town.

The Street 750 was designed for journeys consisting of city hopping or getting to work, as the design team at Harley recognised that in Europe and around the world, younger people preferred to use their motorbikes for these kind of travelling, rather than for longer journeys in the countryside.

To ensure that the Street 750 was engineered to be a comfortable ride on shorter trips, Harley redesigned the handlebars, giving them a lower sweep across the front of the bike, and made the engine liquid cooled, for the increased traffic in cities.

The Street 750 is targeted towards people of 34 and under, and so far, has received fantastic reviews, both by critics and the general public. It is due to be launched into Japanese showrooms at the end of the year, but if the response is successful, Harley may roll out the Street 750 to other countries.

In designing the smaller bike, Harley-Davidson left nothing to chance, they set up a marketing group and interviewed 3,000 people in 10 different countries, which included the U.S. and Japan, where sales of Harley-Davidson are strongest. The firm asked certain questions such as riding experience based on age etc and by analysing the responses, came up with a new concept for a bike specifically tailored to a younger generation of bikers.

Harley-Davidson has given the Street 750 a modern look, but kept the authentic feel of a genuine Harley, The bike is designed with an all black finish, with a splattering of orange and chrome, which highlights the signature colours of Harley, without overdoing it. And we think it’s amazing!

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