Hanging on the telephone: The most stylish Landlines

Landline use may be on the wane – latest figures show just over a third of all US adults now live in households with only mobile telephones – but we may be able to change your mind with these stylish gizmos. So, even if you don’t have a landline installed, you may be tempted to buy one of these, just to provide a real interior design statement.

Wild & Wolf TRIM

Moshi Moshi

Standing for Tone Ringer Illuminated Model, the original was the first phone to ring using a modern electronic warbler instead of the traditional bell mechanism. This replica version comes with all the style and features we remember from the first time round, but with modern push button dialling instead of having to twirl the dial round with your finger. We love the striking purple version, but if that doesn’t fit in with your décor, you can always go for one of the other vibrant hues in the range. It also comes in orange, turquoise, white or red. £35.

SwissVoice ePure

SwissVoice ePure

Taking the silhouette of a retro-style telephone and giving it a modern twist, SwissVoice has taken the old 2D logo that was used on telephone buttons to create a modern icon. Aside from blending the futuristic and classic, it comes with all the practical convenience you would expect from a modern handset. There’s a clock and alarm, appointments and reminders system, 10 ringtones to choose from and a keypad lock. £64.99 from laskys.com.

Retro Scandi


Recalling all the elegance of the 1950s, Wild and Wolf has scored another style icon with the retro Scandi. The red version wouldn’t look out of place in a traditional diner from the era, but you can also pick up this gadget in glossy black, shiny white or mint green. Based on the then cutting-edge upright phone that was introduced in Europe in the mid 1950s, this phone was selected in 1973 to be part of the New York Museum of Modern Art’s Collection in recognition of its 20th Century design significance. Well, if it’s good enough for the New York Museum of Modern Art…

Punkt Phone

Punkt Phone

Designed by Jasper Morrison, this phone is the ultimate in modern simplicity. Featuring an integrated answering machine, you can store up to 100 contact entries, choose from a selection of ringtones and enjoy high quality audio during chats with friends and loved ones. The design means you can either place it horizontally on a flat surface or mount the Punkt on a wall. £180 by designmuseumshop.com.

Moshi Moshi Phone Dock

Trim phone

With sleek curves that look like the fabled Loch Ness monster rising from the water, this device lets you make and receive calls from your iPhone or internet phone service with all the comfort of a landline. By routing your calls through Moshi Moshi, you can use your mobile functions without having to interrupt your conversation. So, you can add a meeting date to your calendar or read and email while chatting.

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