Handbag Necessities for Home and Away

Whether you’re travelling, taking the kids to school or simply taking a trip down to the shops, there are certain things you really ought to carry along. Few people do, however; why not go down the list and see if there’s anything you should be carrying along?

First-aid kit is invaluable. Obviously you needn’t carry along a chemist’s worth of stuff, but a few plasters and some antiseptic wipes are a very good idea indeed. A bubble-pack of painkillers may be great, too, but be wary of leaving these in your bag if it’s ever left unsupervised around children! While carrying these things along may seem like paranoia to some, they will come in very handy indeed should you, or someone around you, get an injury. Even a small scratch can bleed impressively and being able to staunch that bleeding can make the difference between getting blood all over your clothes and remaining professional – so don’t pooh-pooh the idea without giving it due consideration.

A mini sewing kit seems like a mad idea, right? They can be reasonably bulky despite their small size. If you find yours a bit useless, you can always package it in a different bag that makes it a bit smaller. What you need is a needle and thread, a few safety pins and a way to clip the thread. Don’t fancy carrying scissors? Understandable! A set of nail clippers will do just as well and serves a double purpose. All you have is the ability to fix sudden wardrobe malfunctions, but that is all you really need. You can store the needle safely by sticking it into your little bobbin of thread, which means everything is easy to find.

A handbag organiser can be amazingly handy, but only really becomes necessary if you change bags frequently. If you do, however, it becomes absolutely invaluable. You simply use the compartments in the handbag organiser for all your essentials, and when you decide to swap bags you can chuck the entire shebang into the other bag – switching without the hassle.

Many women find their handbags become unbelievably full over time, and of course that is an issue everyone has to deal with… But by making sure everything you carry along is appropriate, handy and helpful you’ll make more of your handbag-space and enjoy it much more as a result!

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