Hand-held Gaming Solutions for Happy Children

Children love hand-held gaming solutions, and have for generations. Who doesn’t remember, fondly, the games of Bomberman and Donkey Kong which folded handily in half and featured shockingly shoddy graphics, but nevertheless kept us all captivated for hours upon hours and took valuable time away from homework, chores, and other less entertaining activities? Nowadays, the options are far more varied and with a single console you can play a wide selection of games. But which option offers the most bang for your buck and provides your children with the most entertaining gaming array?

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The Sony PlayStation Portable or PSP is a very expensive console compared to other options. The game offers a very impressive selection of games and in terms of graphics is unbeatable on the hand-held console market today. With incomparable gameplay, however, comes a set of controls that can be difficult to master with little hands and the relatively low level of coordination children possess.

The Nintendo 3DS is the most recent incarnation of Nintendo’s ever-evolving DS series. It offers some amazing games including old-time favourites like Mario, and the game-play retains Nintendo’s trademark simplicity, making it ideal for children. The graphics are comparatively simple, and while the 3DS boasts 3D without glasses, the 3D is shimmery and prone to giving people headaches. Additionally, the games intended for the 3DS won’t be playable in an older generation DS like a DSi, a DS Lite or an original DS due to an extraneous little nubbin added to the cartridges for no reason other than to force people to buy a 3DS if they want to carry on playing newer games. These tactics work in terms of generating revenue, but it means that when you commit to the DS range, you commit to buying new consoles every few years when Nintendo decide to bring out another console and force others to upgrade.

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The final option is best for older children who may need a phone to stay in touch with their parents. Higher-end phones like the iPhone or any of a range of Android phones allow their users to download a vast array of games, some of which can be played through touch-screens. While this may seem like an excellent option, you’ll want to make sure they can’t run up huge bills in terms of paid-for games, calls or texts, so this may only be a viable option for kids who can be trusted with a large amount of responsibility. But for those children it is an ideal option, and shouldn’t be discounted.

The right gaming console makes a huge difference in terms of enjoyment. Consider your, and your child’s needs before buying and tailor your purchase accordingly.

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