Halo Mega Bloks: the Perfect Present for Your Little Gamer

Which games are suitable for which age group can be a difficult call, and many people find that the best way to address this issue is by making individual assessments of their children’s emotional maturity and ability to cope with the scenes shown. What remains extremely important is the guidance provided by a parent in discussing the problems and implications presented by a game’s storyline. But whether you allow your kids to play the games or not, Halo speaks to a lot of imaginations and the world-building, alien creatures and creative vehicles are popular in a variety of incarnations.

Mega Bloks presents a realistic rival for Lego, and with the Halo Mega Bloks sets, you can expect your child to enjoy him- or herself as much as he or she would with conventional brand-name Lego. Halo Mega Bloks sets come with both regular blocks, shaped blocks to help you build the Halo-specific bits and pieces, and creatures lifted straight from the Halo universe. This allows your child to re-play scenes from the games they love, but for kids who aren’t familiar with the game series they allow a great deal of imagination to find a new home, too.

There was a time when any Lego knock-off was a poor idea. The blocks didn’t fit together properly and the level of inventiveness simply wasn’t there. Even today, Lego has stood the test of time… But it may just have been surpassed here. Take, for example, the treads of a black monstrosity known as a Scorpion. They function perfectly well, and what’s more; the four separate sets of treads can adjust according to the level of the terrain the Scorpion is travelling. Ridiculously sophisticated for a toy, and yet inexpensive and immensely fun to play with. The various solutions and, of course, the potential for creativity inherent in any building toys, help feed your children’s sense of logic, physics and engineering.

If you have a child who loves building things, and/or the Halo video game series, consider Halo Mega Bloks a very viable idea in terms of future presents. Not only will you be able to carry on building on the initial purchase with further kits, your child can also spend their own money on further bits and bats. The series includes sets for as little as six or seven pounds, and further characters are available for about two pounds from shops such as Game, allowing him or her to expand his or her collection of Halo figurines. These may also be the ideal stocking-stuffers for Christmas, and allow for a Christmas list to suit any budget so your relatives and friends can feel they are contributing to an overall collection.

The final straw is the price. While Lego have traditionally retained a higher price, the time has now come for Mega Bloks to take its rightful place with identical toys which tie into the video game franchise. But the price remains more reasonable and this can allow you to buy a sizeable kit for little money. You can brighten a little face with a low budget, which really is the cherry on the cake for Halo Mega Bloks. So what are you waiting for? Get on the phone to Father Christmas and let him know what he’ll be looking for!

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