Halloween Traditions Around The World

Halloween is a joyous occasion to celebrate around the world and can differ from one country to the other. It is easy to celebrate and can bring lots of joy for many people around the world.

Halloween traditions can be standardized in certain cultures but are different around the world. This is why it is important for any culture celebrating Halloween to begin to understand what constitutes Halloween and how it is to be celebrated.

This includes forming the crucial concepts in their mind and beginning the process of socializing with peers to understand how the Halloween festivity is to be approached.

Halloween traditions are different from one country to the next because each country in the world has a different way of approaching the tradition of Halloween celebration.

For one thing each country has a different view to the Halloween celebration because of its cultural norms. For instance Halloween is different in Austria compared to Belgium and other countries around the world such as England and America. There are also different superstitions from one country to the next because it differs according to cultural norms.

Animal superstitions are different from one country to the next because the animals are all different in Halloween from one country to the next. For instance black cats are viewed differently in America compared to Europe.

During Halloween black cats are thought of as being elements of magical power in America and the bones on the cat has certain magical powers compared to others.

Further the black cats in Europe have a different meaning entirely because they are thought of as bad superstitious animals that support witches.  There are Halloween traditions where animals associated with Halloween such as blue cats and white cats and each have a different meaning and are looked upon differently by each culture.

In Europe for instance a blue cat is thought of as being a good luck animal whereas in other countries it is ordinary. Other animals such as white cats are thought to bring bad luck to people in England and so it goes on.

There are various ways in which Halloween traditions is different across countries around the world. In Great Britain the evil souls are given soul cakes so they can stay away and the children are given soul cakes when trick or treating so they can also observe this tradition.

The past was known as mischief night in England which is a night for mischief-making because then people would achieve mischievous things such as taking off the doors off their hinges and even throwing doors into ponds so they can achieve mischief.

It was also believed that elves were on cats so the villagers would capture the cats so they can stop their mischief. In addition children were told not to sit in white and yellow flower circles so they are not caught by fairies and thus cause mischief in addition they didn’t want them to sit under Hawthorne trees to prevent any mischief. The black cats in England were considered good luck whereas black cats were considered lucky creatures.

Children in England made ”punkies” from larger beets so they can hold onto them throughout the night and carry them through the Punkie Night song and in order to make their designs skilled witnessed by other villagers during Halloween.

During this time period the children would knock on doors and collect money so they can celebrate Halloween.

Halloween traditions are different across cultures because in other countries certain Halloween norms and symbols are viewed and witnessed differently than in other countries such as America.

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