Halloween: the Great Social Event

Halloween is being celebrated these days with great joy and fun in America and in some European countries. It has its origin in the middle Ages according to some historians. Others have held a view that it was prevalent among the Romans who celebrated it as a festival in remembrance of their dead ancestors.

Still others associated Halloween with Romans celebrating as a festival of seeds, fruits etc. It is therefore of significance that Ireland and Scotland figure prominently when you try to trace the origins and traditions of Halloween. European immigrants brought the festival to USA and they popularized their own version of Halloween in many countries of Europe and South America.

Whatever be the variant of Halloween celebration the basic and common feature is Guising. Costumes are the sole of Halloween celebrations. People love to disguise themselves in Halloween costumes to have fun and look funny or scary according to the costume they wear.

Halloween costumes have attracted the attention of even famous dress designers who use all their designing skills to bring out more and more colorful funny looking, scary or attractive costumes. Around Halloween time retail stores trading in readymade apparel do roaring and brisk business. People usually do not like to wear the same costumes for every Halloween and this suits dressmakers admirably. They create costumes to last one Halloween so that users throw them away after the festival and go for new one the next year.

Though Halloween parties are popular prior to the actual Halloween day, it is children who derive maximum fun and enjoyment on Halloween. They dress up in the new costumes bought for them. Some of the costumes create real scare in the children but the fear is temporary and once they get used to it they start taking apart in the Guising event.

Dressed in these costumes they move from house to house in their locality and demand suitable rewards from the neighbors with imaginary threats of mischief if they are not given a proper reward. People are only too happy to oblige the children and they are rewarded with candies, cash etc. People’s love for children has made UICEF to use them to collect funds for their worldwide beneficial programs.

The scary costumes and the tradition behind Halloween have encouraged film and TV producers to come out with productions with horror as theme. These productions have horror and ghost stories as the prime element and they enjoy great market for Halloween parties.

Disguised as ghost, demons, etc; participants in Halloween parties try to outdo in each other in scaring people by narrating ghost and horror stories. Viewing of horror films at the parties is a common practice. Children are usually kept away from these parties. Some film producers do make films aimed at children with fun and laughter as key features. TV films with similar themes are also aired at the time of Halloween.

Some business houses have made creating scare as a funny attraction. The purpose of the businesses is to give a thrill to their patrons by haunted attractions. How these business practices have started is not very clear but indications are that such things were created for rising of funds for some purpose or the other. These shows are mostly of haunted houses presented in an extremely sophisticated manner. The popularity of such stores in the USA can be gauged from the fact receipts from them run into millions of dollars every year. More modern and technology oriented costuming and special effects have made them compete even with Hollywood films.

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