Halloween: Scary Good Time

Who said that Halloween is just for kids? Sure the little ones get all the candy, but they certainly are not to have all the fun. Parties for the big kid inside us are held every year in all hallows night where adults wear their costumes that range from simple, to extremely elaborate. People go to Halloween retailers and even their closest chain store to get fake blood, make up, masks, full body costumes, and spend hours making sure they look their best. Many of them attend clubs with Halloween themed parties or head to famous Halloween parades like the one in New York City. We will examine some of your options for this great holiday that involve the most fun and can make the child inside you one happy ghoul.

Fun at Home

You can throw your own Halloween party. What can be more fun that spending time with your best friends and their best friends at home? Throwing your very own Halloween party can be simple, fun and cheap. The decorations can be obtained at many retailers, and you don’t really need to get that creative (of course we encourage anyone throwing a party to decorate with more than just fake spider webs). Games for Halloween parties can also be simple and fun. Aside from the usual “best costume” award, things like Pumpkin Bowling can be lots of fun. If you ever played pumpkin bowling you know that pumpkins have a mind of their own and will go any direction, but the one you want. For a more laughable experience, you can have something called the Blair Witch Short Films. It is a movie marathon, but the directors are your guests which film themselves in a Blair Witch style and confess their evil deeds. Just make sure they keep their film fairly short and you  will have a great time.

Fun at the Club

Every year it seems clubs are getting more and more creative with their Halloween parties. The decoration, the atmosphere and the music are getting so popular that getting into the clubs is not an easy feat. The experience starts as soon as you start getting to the club’s location and you start seeing your fellow party goers in their Halloween costumes. Any other night you would probably laugh, but then you remember you are wearing a Fantastic Four uniform. The club parties are getting so big that some have reached legendary status. If you are anywhere near Las Vegas, you know the Halloween party options seem to be unlimited, but one of their parties, the Halloween Fetish and Fantasy Ball at the Hard Rock Hotel and casino made Maxim Magazine’s top ten list of Parties you Have to attend before you die.

Fun in the City

More and more cities are celebrating Halloween in a big way. Parades or Halloween events are held in most big cities throughout the country. But if you want to get to the biggest celebration of them all then you have to get to the most exciting place of them all, New York City. The Village Halloween parade may be the best place to see the most creative costumes anywhere. But the parade is not just a bunch of people wearing weird costumes. The celebration includes bands, artists, dance and even puppets. What started as a local costume designer organizing a small parade for his own kids and all of their friends in 1973, has become one of the largest and most eccentric celebration of one of the most fun holidays. The parade can feature you; if you wear your costume, you will be invited to be part of the parade.

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