Halloween Movies

The film industry is all about telling a story. They try to explain that what had happened and try to bring the reality out of it. Many movies are from already documented happenings, superstitions and predictions of how it was or how it will be in the future. Movies revolve around common events like Christmas, world war, to the ancient stories during Jesus, creation and the holy crusade among others. In the modern world, movies are considered one of the greatest influential points to people. They are watched by millions of people all over the world and can therefore sway people’s judgment towards an issue or happening.

Halloween being a great activity practiced worldwide, there are directors who have come up many movies to try to explain their own view of the mystery or history that surrounds it. They try to show the symbols and activities of the Halloween day according to their own views. The movies are made in different languages which make them spread faster and understandable even to those who don’t know the origin of what is being discussed.

There have been almost uncountable movies which have talked about Halloween and tried to make people understand it better by how they portray the happenings in the movies. They are mostly related with ghosts and vampires and people playing tricks on each other which end up to getting one of them killed or people visiting haunted houses and coming into contact with spirits who were burnished centuries ago and are now trying to come back to the real world. Also there are some which try explaining the origin of vampires and their relationship with bats all in some well kneaded story that leaves people frightened and enjoying the movie at the same time as they get to understand all about the perceived mysteries of the Halloween. Some of these movies are as mentioned.

Halloween is a movie/story that revolves around the Halloween time. On the night of the Halloween, a former child murderer escapes from a mental hospital and begins to terrorize the people in the neighborhood. Kids start disappearing one by one as people become more afraid of the night.

Another good Halloween movie is called Poltergeist. It’s a story of a family that is visited by ghosts who start playing odd tricks to them and over time, things start becoming scary as one of the daughters in the house disappears and can’t be traced yet was inside the house and not seen going out.

A more modern Halloween movie combined with science fiction is called Alien. It talks about a space crew that stumbles upon alien eggs and panic arises amongst them as they try to uncover the mystery that presented itself.

The Exorcist remains to be a famous movie which talks about a young girl who was possessed with evil spirits and demons. It revolves around the exorcist trying to help her.

An old black and white movie but very scary acted around Halloween time is Night of the living dead. It talks about people who live in farm houses who are trying not to get killed by the dead who have come back to life.

Another best-selling movie about Halloween is The shining. It is of a man and family who move to an isolated hotel to work there during the winter and start to encounter with a ghost who used to work in the hotel.

Among other great movies, there are probably thousand of Halloween movies from around the world each telling a story of its own trying to explain the day of Halloween, even from countries that don’t celebrate Halloween much like Japan and Germany. They are all myths given an artistic sense aimed at reaching a wider audience as a way of celebrating the day.

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