10 of the Best Halloween Makeup Kits Perfect for Trick or Treating

At the end of this month, children and adults alike will be celebrating Halloween. Whether you are out trick or treating or heading off to a party, you might already have your costume but what about your makeup? Most Halloween costumes need some kind of makeup but a lot of people forget this vital element. Don’t panic, we have put together a list of the best Halloween makeup kits:

Glow in the Dark Skeleton Kit: £2.99

Halloween Makeup Kits

Great value for this Halloween makeup kit. You get glow in the dark base cream, a black liner crayon and green, white and black face paints together with a sponge applicator.

Ghost Ship Make-Up Kit: £4.59

Halloween Makeup Kits

Simple, effective and really easy to apply. You get 6 ghostly colours and white cream and an applicator to help you create a ghostly apparition.

Zipper FX Makeup Kit: £4.99

Halloween Makeup Kits

If you haven’t seen this effect you are in for a surprising shock. It is quite graphic so maybe not suitable for young children, but very effective. Included in the Halloween makeup kit you get the zipper, the bloody scab gel and all you need for the application.

Witch Make-Up Kit: £4.99

Halloween Makeup Kits

This is perfect for young children, after all, who doesn’t want to dress up as a witch? The kit includes step-by-step instructions and everything you need to complete the look.

Horror Zombie Make-Up Kit: £5.99

Halloween Makeup Kits

Release your inner Walking Dead character with this zombie makeup kit. Included are bits of fake skin, blood, horror flesh and colour paints.

Zombie Lobotomy Prosthetic/ Make-up: £5.95

Halloween Makeup Kits

Complete your Frankenstein look with this fabulous lobotomy makeup kit. You get the forehead stitches, fake blood and instructions.

Bite Me Face Application: £7.99

Halloween Makeup Kits

Whether you want to complete your zombie look or add to a road accident victim, this gruesome face application is ideal. You do need to buy the latex glue separately.

Day Of The Dead FX Make Up Set Blue: £8.54

Halloween Makeup Kits

What we love about this Halloween makeup kit is that you can use it for other occasions as well as Halloween. It includes sugar skull tattoos, blue and white face paint, makeup applicator and a sponge.

Clown Makeup Set: £10.99

Halloween Makeup KitsThere’s nothing scarier than a clown at the moment, especially with the re-release of Stephen King’s It movie. You get white base makeup, coloured paint sticks, and a clown nose.

The Joker Makeup Set: £20.99

Halloween Makeup KitsThis is based on Heath Ledger’s version of the Joker but now Joaquin Phoenix has a new film out, the character is back in the news. Included is a wig, mouth scars, white base makeup, face adhesive and black paint.

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