Halloween History Is Rich And Full Of Customs And Tradition

Halloween history goes back as far as the Celtic period which was a society that started as early as 800 B.C.E. These groups of people exist in what is now termed as the United Kingdom and other parts of Europe such as West Europe and even Turkey. Further, they had begun the tradition of celebrating Halloween as a holiday that was known as Samhain during the month of October. This festival celebration is used to recognize the end of summer.

Halloween history thus dates back to this era when myths, culture and traditions of the Celtics was viewed as predominant and a main part of Halloween celebration.  The Celtic tradition of celebrating the God of Death “Samhain” who should obtain the offerings by the Celtic people started that decade in order to keep the veil separating the dead people from the live ones thick. The veil was reputed to be thinnest during Halloween when the relatives and friends of people celebrating Halloween would appear during this time of year. They would attempt this through inhabiting the souls of animals and this would be the form they were resurrected in. This can be in the form of a black cat which would then have the soul of a dead person. This is the main reason black cats are symbols of Halloween celebration and what makes them common during that time of year.

Celtics would offer food to God during Halloween as celebration of the completely harvested food. They would walk from door to door offering food to the people in order to celebrate the holiday and this is what started the tradition of knocking at doors and offering food in celebration of Halloween. This is why Halloween is the time to go from door to door in order to collect food to offer to the deities in celebration of the season. They did this in order to offer Celtics firewood and other crucial Halloween elements such as kindling and wood. Then they would take it to the top of the Samhain Mountain where it is most needed. This forms a crucial element of Halloween history and is what makes this celebration a crucial moment in time.

 Samhain thus became a fire festival when firewood was lit in the formed of Sacred bon fire on the top of the hill in order to celebrate this festival. This is ultimately what qualifies Halloween as a giving festival. Then they would take the ember from this bonfire to their homes in order to celebrate the holiday with their families. The ember would then be carried in a holder by the members of the family who would do this in order to take them home in a tulip or even gourd so they can encase the ember and keep it aflame. This was because they were scared of the evil spirits which they were trying to banish and keep from coming to haunt them.

Furthermore, the celebration of Halloween started by the Celtics who had started the strong tradition of having their kids and families wear Halloween costumes that were scary in order to keep the evil spirits at bay. This was the main aim of Halloween which was to keep the evil spirits away and to ensure that they are able to keep the Halloween period safe for their family and communities. This is perhaps why the Celtics also carried embers in a safe holder or gourds so they can scare the evil spirits from their homes and other safe havens. The Halloween costumes and embers were the way to keep evil spirits away.

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