Halloween Games for Kids

Hosting kids for a Halloween party is never easy, more especially if one is lacking in creativity. The kids can get bored and make the overall event a failure. After all, what makes an event successfully is not the much the kids eat but rather the excitement it brings along.  There are plenty of games that can help the hosts achieve much in their planning. A few suggestions are provided in this article.

Game suggestions to keep kids excited in a Halloween party

Firstly, are the monster freeze dance and the snap apple? In this game, kids will show their individual crazy monster dances to entertain the others. The seasonal tunes are played as the kids show off their dance and they are expected to freeze in position as soon as the tune stops. The snap apple on the other hand unlike conventional apple bobbing in a water bucket which often wrecks the costumes, involves having kids attempt to snap an apple bite from the apple hanged on the string. These require apples with the stems from where the ropes can be tied and looped around the branch of a tree, a broom stick, or a suspended curtain rod.

Another game is the “Capture the Ghost.”Just like the classical backyard games of capturing the flag, the same can be adapted and given the ghostly theme. The flags can be made from white handkerchiefs to make it more difficult to identify a team’s flag from the others. When dealing with smaller kids, it may be appropriate for using the Halloween-theme fabric snippets or huge felt pumpkins.

Relay races are another interesting game that kids are likely to enjoy. However, it also requires creativity. Creative methods can be used to get kids start the game and end the game too. Some ideas may include having the kids stagger like the zombies, pretend to fly on the broomsticks like the witches, or even hop like the toads. The kids may also carry Halloween themed snacks and also stage the costume relay to create an exciting scenario.

Another alternative is to choose small pumpkins with the short stems and set up a bowling alley. One may also opt to have kids participate in competition to decorate bottles using markers, stickers and any art materials that can spice up the activity. Alternatively, Skeleton Scavenger Hunt is always appealing to kids. In this game, kids are expected to roam the compound or house to hunt for the skeleton components. The components can be made from paper cuttings, or one may purchase plastic ones from toy stores.

Other than the aforementioned, one may go for the dead man’s treasure. This is a version of the pirates treasure and utilizes Halloween themed items which may include glow sticks, or plastic pumpkins as the treasure. The treasure chests can be made from bigger plastic pumpkins, smartly decorated handbags, and large stock pots. Musical pumpkins are one thing that kids may also love. This involves cutting pumpkins shapes from the construction papers and having them arranged on the floor. Kids’ will them move from one pumpkin to another playing music games just like it happens in musical chairs. In order to avoid exclusions, kids should be allowed to share the pumpkins as a single one is removed in every round. This implies that at the end, they will all need to squeeze on a single pumpkin and hence creating the game climax.

In general, there are many games that can be used to make the kids enjoy the Halloween. However, what really makes the games worthwhile is the level of creativity put into them. Games with a lot of creative input are likely to be more favored by the kids as compared to those with reduced creativity. 

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