Halloween Customs Are Fun To Abide By

Various Halloween customs were started with the Celtics who started the tradition of Jack O’Lantern which comes from the eighteenth century when Celtics were observing the Halloween holiday in order to ensure that they were having a good time. The holiday started with the man Jack who was a fellow Irish man who started the tradition of Jack-O’-Lantern by tricking the devil into climbing the apple tree in order to get the devil up where he should be. This is one of the few valuable Halloween customs that were started by the Celtics during the Halloween celebration in the Celtic period of reign.

Furthermore, Jack-O’-Lantern is the best custom that has been created by the Celtics which explains why Jack has pushed the devil to climb up the tree. The devil was tricked into climbing the tree so that Jack could protect people. He then cross marked the tree bark the devil had climbed. This enabled Jack to trap the devil in the tree branches and keep the devil at bay. This was however considered mean by the Gods who denied Jack access to heaven. However this was observed as a crucial event and is now one of the important Halloween customs that people consider entertaining and fun to abide by. Further the devil would not even allow Jack into hell because of his meanness. This is what had forced him to wonder the planet aimlessly feeling bad about his deed. In the end the devil felt sorry for Jack and let him use a piece of coal to create light for his journey as he walked, which Jack eventually placed in a turnip holder to keep it alight.

Halloween customs are however numerous and not limited to Jack O’ Lantern because apples were also considered valuable symbols for Halloween. Apples are important for Halloween because they allow the celebration to be maintained and to give the people celebrating the holiday the occasion to keep the deities happy. Apples are meant to be offered to deities as offerings that would keep the festival alive because they are associated with immortality, resurrection and knowledge and other important values. This is because once the apple is dissected it becomes a five-pointed star outline and thus becomes beautiful to look at because it then represents a pentagram which is Goddess symbol among the Romans who were the ancient gypsies of the Celts.

This is why it is crucial to observe important traditions of the Celtics in order to keep the Halloween festival alive and going. This makes Halloween closely linked with apples and important Halloween holidays are connected with this holy symbol that has started as early as the Celtics. The apple even represents a holy symbol of marriage which married couple would use as a symbol of marriage for people who would next to get married. The apple being peeled would represent the image of one’s future spouse because the image of an apple being peeled in the mirror represents the image of a viable future spouse. The ability to keep a long apple peel for a long time is a symbol of the years one is expected to live. The longer the peel of the apple the longer the person is expected to live. Furthermore, apples are thus linked with the tradition of Halloween and are believed to be an important custom for those observing Halloween because it was a sacred symbol. In addition, on the soul’s day people celebrating Halloween would offer currant buns and cakes to the Gods as a symbol of respect and celebrating Halloween an important festival.

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