Halloween Crafts to Keep Your Kids Busy This Half-Term

So the half-term has properly begun, and keeping the kids busy is already becoming an issue. Playing outside may be an option for some, but others are facing cold and damp weather and many kids may not be at all interested in setting foot outside the door. But with Halloween coming up, getting ready by letting your children participate in Halloween crafts is a wonderful way to keep them busy and get the Halloween crafts ready!

Obviously, there are crafts you can go buy in the shop. For example, paper-and-string is a lovely crafting blog and you can visit shops on eBay and folksy as well as finding her crafting kits in your local John Lewis. These can be Halloween-themed as well as geared towards other holidays and… Well, practically anything you could fancy. If you want to keep your kids busy with fun, adorable and most of all easy-to-accomplish Halloween crafts, then that’s the sort of shop you’re really looking for.

Alternatively, you can nip to your local Hobbycraft or other craft shop and buy in supplies. Felt, card, paints… Everything you could wish for in Halloween-appropriate colours and textures.

If you have a sewing machine and some felt, it’s easy to make a Halloween-themed garland or two to decorate your house with. Have your children cut out some Halloween shapes such as pumpkins and ghosts out of the felt. By feeding the shapes through your sewing machine you can create a fun, thematic garland that’s easy and cheap to make, and will be useful for years to come! The same trick works for Christmas-themed garlands, too, although you’ll want to try different shapes and colours! You can even use these in your Christmas tree, but for Halloween they can be used practically anywhere.

Speaking of cutting out shapes, this can also work as a wonderful window decoration. Finding it hard to find the right kind of window hanging? Why don’t you buy some pieces of black card and cut shapes out of them? With the light behind them they will stand out a lot! A large pieces of black card can become a giant Jack-o’-lantern, and if you carefully cut out the mouth, eyes and nose it will look quite imposing indeed! This needn’t cost a great deal, and you can attach it to the window with double-sided tape or Blu-tack.

Finally, there are the actual pumpkins. While this is of course traditionally an American activity, carving a face into a pumpkin and using a candle to light it from within is a really fun activity. Why not get your kids to work on the faces they plan to carve now? Planning in advance can help them achieve just the look they’re going for, and you can research techniques online to make sure they can go for some more ambitious designs.

The half-term can be one of those times when you find it more difficult to get your work done and your kids can positively drive you mental. But by keeping them busy with Halloween-themed crafts you can tackle two birds with a single stone.

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