Halloween Costumes – dress code and the meaning

We all know that Halloween is celebrated all over the world on October 31st. This festive holiday that is believed to be almost as old as Christmas is normally marked by a number of activities.

The different activities include but are not limited to trick or treating, witch-hunting, lighting bonfires, watching horror films, sharing of scary stories but the most exciting is getting to dress up in costumes. Halloween costumes go way back to the origin of the festivity. Although the dress code and the meaning seem to have changed with time, there would be no Halloween without costumes.

During the ancient times, the Celtics, who are believed to be the first community to celebrate Halloween but with a different name used to dress up in costumes as well. Their costumes mainly involved the use of animal skins that would be dried before the festive holiday began.

The main reason as to why the Celtic used animal skins as their costumes was in order to hide from the ghosts that wondered the earth during this time. They believed that when one covered themselves using the animal skins, the ghosts won’t be able to see or tell them apart from the livestock.

All this was to change as soon as the European immigrants started to settle within the Celtic community. And as it was expected, the Europeans introduced their own version of Halloween costumes.

Even though the celebrations were limited during this era, they still held it whenever they could in order to celebrate a good harvest. It is believed that the difference between the European ethnic groups and the Indians from America was the main reason for the birth of a new version of Halloween as celebrated by the Americans.

The first ever American Halloween was marked during the same date of October 31st and it symbolized the end of the harvest season. The American dressed in different costumes and held dancing and singing parties that lasted way through the night. By the year 1930s, Halloween celebrations had started to gain more popularity and a lot of different communities in other countries also celebrated the holiday as October came to an end.

Even though they marked the holiday in honor of different things, the use of Halloween costumes remained the main theme of the festival.

The core root of the use of Halloween is dated back to the Celtic and European communities. The other communities largely borrowed this idea from them and thus it become a tradition that had to be honored during every Halloween.

Today, Halloween costumes are more celebrity inspired than the use of animal skins. People and especially the children and teens dress up as their favorite celebrity who either is a public figure, movie star, musician, sport idol or their role model in life.

Clothes stores during this holiday stock their shelves with Halloween costumes and are believed to make high profits. This is because the holiday is just as important as Christmas and everybody wants to be a part of it. And by being a part you must dress up in a costume which in return means increased sales for the stores. But it is important to note that there are people who opt to make their own costumes rather than buying them.

The importance of Halloween costumes can still be felt even up to now. Even though the meaning was lost a long time ago, nowadays there are Halloween parties that honor the best dressed Halloween couple. Therefore people will outdo themselves just to have that unique costume that stands out from the rest. So in the end, no matter what century it is, as long as there is Halloween, the costumes will remain important.

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