Halloween Costume Options for Adults

Trick-or-treating with your kids or little siblings can be great fun, and alternatively it can be wonderful staying home to hand out sweets and give the kids at the door a bit of a thrill. But what can you do to help get into the spirit? Which costumes work for adults?

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It is a popular misconception to think that all adult costumes need to be sexy. This is an idea that does the rounds every year, particularly among women and girls. Obviously, there is nothing wrong with a sexy costume if you feel like it, but a costume that’s well-executed is always amazing and you can do just as well as a well-appointed ghost under a sheet!

If your children are going trick-or-treating or you plan to attend a Halloween party, a matched costume is lovely. For example, picking a theme such as the Wizard of Oz, or going as a herd of freshly-revived zombies can add some extra fun. Make sure the kids are the focus of your costume, allowing them to steal the show. If you’re going as a single adult with a single child there are wonderful combined costumes such as pirate and parrot, Smurf and Gargamel, and so on. Get your thinking cap on now and by the time you need to get ready on Monday you’ll have a wonderful idea in mind already!

If you are just staying at home and handing out sweets, work your environment as much as you can. If you have a front garden or even just a little front yard, make use of it! You can buy cheap ‘spiderweb’ which can be draped artfully over the trees and plants, or above your front door. Don’t forget to make use of any hooks for plants that hang by the door; you can hang up skeletons or even motion-activated toys that will frighten your little tormentors!

If you want to make a spiderweb yourself, go and buy some wool or yarn in the desired colour. Use some duct tape to tape the threads to an empty frame and thread them around each other to create a spider web. This allows you to build a homemade masterpiece which you can easily decorate with some fake spiders to make something amazing to hang from the window, outside your door, or in your home to bring the Halloween spirit inside.

But had you considered covering your front garden and door in fake spiderwebs, then opening the door dressed as a spider yourself? Alternatives are plentiful; you could be a witch or an evil scientist, a zombie in a graveyard or a goblin in a swamp. If you choose the carry the theme across you can provide a little extra thrill.

So you see, even if you are an adult, Halloween can be great. Put some serious thought into your costume ideas and you can really come out of the box with something amazing that will delight any trick-or-treaters knocking on your door hoping for sweets!

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