9 of the Best Hair Oils for Hair Growth, Hair Thickness and Hair Health

Hair can suffer in the winter months, but if your hair is fine, thinning or needs a treatment boost there are lots of hair oils to choose from. Look for certain ingredients to combat particular hair problems, for example, argan oil is good for frizzy hair, almond oil reduces dandruff, coconut and macadamia oil adds moisture and baobab promotes growth.

Neal & Wolf Velvet Nourishing Hair Oil: £11.51 for 100ml

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Five-star reviews from many happy customers who bought this hair oil. It contains argan, avocado and jojoba to nourish and smooth the most unruly hair. Transforms rough unmanageable hair into glossy locks instantly.

Mauli Grow Strong Hair Oil: £32 for 30ml

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Hand-blended nutrients include argan and sesame oils to revitalise the scalp and promote new growth. Cedarwood helps to repair damage caused by the environment.

Sisley Paris Precious Hair Care Oil Glossiness & Hydration: £75 for 100ml

Hair Oils

If you have long hair that you want to maintain but your ends are dry then this hair care oil is a must. You can use it mid-length and on the ends and it contains passionfruit and shea for ultimate hydration without weighing your hair down.

OGX Renewing + Argan Oil of Morocco Penetrating Oil: £6.99 for 100 ml

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For dry and frizzy hair, this hair oil adds much-needed moisture and shine and seals it in. It is good for use before styling and using heating tools.

Kerastase Elixir Ultime Huile Legere: £41.40 for 100ml

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It’s expensive but Kerastase is the hairdresser’s choice of product. A lightweight oil that adds moisture to dry and damaged hair without weighing it down. Adds shine and thickness and smells divine!

L’Oréal Professionnel Mythic Oil Nutritive Oil: £14.23 for 100ml

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For hair that suffers from environmental damage like smoke or the weather or harsh humid conditions, this hair oil is a godsend. With avocado oil to enrich and nourish, this oil add shine and moisture.

Bumble and Bumble Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil: £35 for 100ml

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This hair oil is like a magical potion, it feels really thick when you apply it, then it disappears into your hair. With ingredients like macadamia nut, almonds, argan oil and coconuts, this is one major treatment for seriously damaged hair. Restores, hydrates and protects.

IGK Hair Cry Baby Anti-Frizz Smoothing Serum: £22 for 44ml

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A weightless hair oil that uses coconut oil to reduce frizz, add protein and shine without weighing down the hair. Cruelty-free and vegan. Suitable for all hair types.

OUAI Hair Oil: £24 for 50ml

Hair Oils

This multi-tasking hair oil controls frizz, reduces split ends, adds moisture and protects from damage. It adds shine and even seals split ends.


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