Types of Hair Extensions

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Once the exclusive accessory of the rich and famous, hair extensions have now become widely popular to us ordinary folk. We may not pay the same prices as the likes of Cheryl Cole and Katie Price, but can we achieve the same look? Thankfully, hair extensions have come a long way since the time Colleen Rooney first sported those lank, dead straight locks. Now many of us want the full flowing voluminous style made popular by our favourite celebrities, but with pictures of bald patches and tales of hair loss, what should we know about getting hair extensions?

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First, a quick lesson.  Hair is actually a dead product but contains cuticle on the outside that layer on top of each other and in a downwards direction, rather like tiles on a roof. This is why when you backcomb your hair you get extra volume as you are pushing the cuticle in the wrong direction.  Cuticle gives hair its’ natural shine and healthy look.

Types of Hair Extensions

Now to extension hair. There are two main types; Remi and non Remi.

Remi hair is where the hair is cut off at source. Imagine a ponytail cut off at the top near the nape, then washed, dried, colour matched and labelled. Remi hair can be virgin (non dyed) or dyed.

Non Remi hair is when cuttings of hair are taken from a hairdressers floor and gathered together, bundled, washed and dried. As there is no way to tell which way the cuticles are lying, the cuticle has to stripped from the hair and a silicon compound added for shine. The problem with non remi hair is that the silicon wears off after a few washes and the hair becomes straw-like and lifeless.

A leading name in hair extensions for over 26 years is Lucinda Ellery. Based in London, Lucinda has been nominated for Britain’s Top Real Role Model 2011 in recognition of her outstanding work for women with hair loss. After she perfected her hair extension application technique, she devised a method specifically for women who suffered from losing their hair, especially at the top section as typically, hair extensions cannot be applied here.  To visit her site, search for lucinda ellery uk.

Amazing Lengths. A home based business who offer quality hair extensions without the salon overheads

In the South East area is Amazing Lengths. A home based business who offer quality hair extensions without the salon overheads. A friendly, professional company, Amazing Lengths have an exceptional aftercare service and treat their customers as if they are friends. Check them out on Facebook or email them on info@amazinglengths.co.uk.

So you’ve decided to go ahead and get hair extensions, what should you be looking for?

  • Ask for a consultation. This is your chance to discuss what look you are after, cost implications and any worries you may have. A good consultant will ask you if you have any medical conditions that may prevent you from having extensions or if you are on medication that may cause hair loss.
  • There are different types of hair extensions; Asian, European, Indian and Italian to name a few. European is considered the best, Asian the cheapest. If your quote is very reasonable it is possible you are being quoted for Asian hair, fine if that is what you want but it does not last long and cannot be styled.
  • Does the company have any before and after pictures of their clients? Have they been recommended to you? Word of mouth is a very positive way of companies getting repeat and new business.
  • Finally, aftercare is very important, do they offer it? A good company will have a comprehensive aftercare service which should include a maintenance schedule and regular check ups.

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