Gwyneth Paltrow Loves Sprout: The Natural, Ethical Beauty Company

There’s something very sensible about the ethos that goes on in the brains behind the beauty company called Sprout. They don’t use more than five ingredients in any product, the ingredients they do use are high potency, they make everything from scratch and they support sustainable agriculture by buying only from organic, Fair Trade, or small-farm sources. At Sprout, you could say less is definitely more, but they believe that you get a much more potent skincare by cutting down on unecessary fillers and only adding what is essential. And because they don’t water their products down with cheap synthetics or exotic fillers, it also means that their products are more likely to be safe even on the most sensitive skin. The people at Sprout want their products to be as healthy for our communities and our planet as they are for their customers, so they use organic produce wherever they can. The founder of Sprout, Adina Grigmore started making products for her own sensitive skin, but soon learnt there was a huge market for ethically sourced, all natural products that people could trust to put on their skin. Hence Sprout was born, and the scrubs, toners, cleansers, and balms are still all handmade in Brooklyn. Oh and Gwyneth Paltrow loves them!

“I just heard about this small, Brooklyn-based company that is only 1 year old and got so excited about what they do. Everything owner and founder Adina makes is completely natural and is made up of ingredients that you can find at the supermarket (or rather, the organic green market). It’s the way it should be, made once a week in small batches, using glass jars and supporting local, sustainable farms.”

Gwyneth Paltrow’s GOOP.com


When did scrubbing your face with harsh chemicals become the standard way to get clean? We think that’s weird. Next to rinsing with water, Sprout’s Cleanser is about as simple as you can get. It’s perfect for problem and sensitive skin. It’s gentle, non-drying, and contains no alcohol. Plus it smells awesome. We start with a traditional organic rosewater-and-glycerin base and add a tiny bit of organic tea tree oil. No soap, no alcohol, no para-sulfate-whatchamacallits.

CREAM – $32

This is the mother of all Sprout products. You know how lots of lotions and moisturizers leave you needing more, like ten minutes after you put them on? That’s because they use water as a base. When it evaporates, you dry out all over again. Sprout Cream starts with wild-harvested shea butter we get from an incredible Fair Trade women’s cooperative in Ghana. We add some organic extra-virgin coconut oil and organic extra-virgin olive oil. So it’s extremely rich, sinking deep into the skin and staying there. But since all the ingredients are totally non-comedogenic, it won’t clog your pores, meaning it’s just as awesome on your face as it is on your body.


We understand that you might think that bees are people too. Sprout’s Vegan Lip Balm is just as awesome as our original, minus the beeswax. Candelilla wax comes from a plant, so you can lick your chops as often as you’d like.MINI KITS

Got a friend who’s not on board the Sprout train yet? Our Mini Kits are a great way to introduce someone you love to the awesomeness that is Sprout’s super-simple, truly all-natural skincare. They’re also perfect when you need to take Sprout traveling! Each Mini Kit comes in a hand-sewn cosmetics bag custom made for us by our incredibly talented friends at Farragio.

The Sprout Rejuvenators Mini Kit – $35

This is a great full-body treatment kit. Use the Exfoliant on your face, follow with our rich, sweet Body Scrub, and then finish off with our deeply moisturizing all-over Cream for a head-to-toe glow, all in travel- and gift-friendly sizes and a Farragio cosmetics bag.

The Full Sprout Mini Kit – $58

Travel-friendly sizes of everything you need for a truly all-natural, sustainable weekend getaway: Cleanser, Toner, Cream, Exfoliant, and Body Scrub! The whole thing comes in a Farragio cosmetics bag (so it’s also awesome for gifting.)

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