Gwyneth Paltrow launches new organic skincare range

goopThe actress and lifestyle expert Gwyneth Paltrow is about to launch her very own skincare range. But as with anything that Paltrow gets involved in, this is no ordinary range, this one is 99% organic.

The exclusive skincare range has been created with the help of the experts at Juice Beauty. Goop by Juice Beauty will feature six products to start:

  • Enriching Face Oil
  • Lightweight Daily Moisturizer
  • Replenishing Night Cream
  • Luminous Melting Cleanser
  • Exfoliating Instant Facial
  • Perfecting Eye Cream

It has been well documented that Paltrow has always been passionate about what she and her family eats. She did admit to Vogue magazine however that she had a fairly simple skincare routine:

“I used to just splash water on my face and stick on some moisturizer. But now I do a regimen regularly.”

When she turned her attention to her skin, she realised that eating healthily is not enough:

“We absorb 60 to 80 per cent of what we put on our skin, so the idea that you’re exercising and trying to eat well and then slathering yourself with chemicals, parabens, and silicones – it’s not great.”


This is not the first time Paltrow has collaborated with Juice Beauty, as earlier this year a make-up range was launched. The range featured vegan and organic products.

As for the skincare range, Paltrow spent a year working on it and as she did, she enjoyed letting her children Apple and Moses watch her work.

“It’s nice to show them by example how hard I work, and what it takes to be a serious person,” she said.

As a rule, Paltrow doesn’t tend to wear much make-up, but with her skincare range she advises that getting into a regular routine is best for the products to work properly.

This range is the first branded product from Goop, and could signify Paltrow’s toe in the water when it comes to offerings from her lifestyle website.

The Goop by Juice Beauty Products

  • The Exfoliating Instant Facial uses alpha-hydroxy acids and fruit extracts to gently refresh the skin.
  • The Enriching Facial Oil is packed with Vitamin E and described as ultra-luxurious.
  • The Replenishing Night Cream is a super-luxe enriching cream that replenishes throughout the night.
  • The Luminous Melting Cleanser features jojoba esters, shea and cocoa butters.
  • The Perfecting Eye Cream is a cooling cream that instantly soothes puffy under bags.
  • The Lightweight Daily Moisturizer brightens and firms using an antioxidant-rich aloe, apple, lemon, and grape-juice complex.

All the products are non-toxic, 99% organic and use the finest ingredients.


Paltrow says that moving into the skincare market felt like a “natural extension” for the Goop brand. She is well known for her healthy approach to foods and exercise, but even calls her enriching face oil ‘body food’.

And she didn’t just put her name to the products. As ever the perfectionist, Paltrow took her time in making sure every item was exactly as she wanted it. The products also had to offer real anti-aging benefits and go through rigorous testing.

“My head of Goop Beauty called me the princess and the pea,” she says, talking about the testing process.

She also puts her money where her mouth is, as she uses her products as part of her daily routine now:

“My skin tends to be dry, so I’ll wear this all the time: during the day, on a plane. It’s deeply hydrating and it plumps skin with a sandalwood nut oil that increases elasticity.

“I hope organics are the way the industry is going, for our safety and the safety of our daughters and granddaughters. What we flush down the toilet and the drain is very damaging to our bodies and the environment and I think the more the consumer is aware of what’s happening, the more they’re going to seek out products that are not only clean, but actually effective.”

So what is next for the lifestyle guru? More acting or more branded products?

“It would be a dream to develop a line of organic hair products that worked like a professional line,” she says.

Goop by Juice Beauty is available from March 1st from goop.com.

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