Gwyneth Paltrow launches new blow-dry bar in California

 the new style blow dry, braid, ponytail, and updo bar in NYC, named DreamDryOur readers in the UK might not know the term ‘blow-dry bar’, but in the U.S., it is fast becoming the place to hang out, and get luxurious beauty treatments at the same time.

The concept was dreamt up by stylist to the stars – Rachel Zoe, who created the new style blow dry, braid, ponytail, and updo bar in NYC, named DreamDry.

The concept is simple enough; this is a luxurious space in which you can have a consultation with your very own personal stylist, then you get lathered up in the wet stations, and then it’s over to your styling station for the ultimate blow dry.

And the luxury treatment starts as soon as you walk through the doors, you get handed a personal iPad, which you can use throughout your stay at DreamDry.

The DreamDry blow-dry bar has been such a huge success in New York, that Rachel Zoe is opening another bar in NYC, and it has also caught the attention of our favourite actress – Gwyneth Paltrow, who has decided that it would be a great business venture for her and her chums – hairstylist David Babaii and trainer Tracy Anderson. The trio are now launching the David Babaii Blow Dry Bar in Anderson’s Brentwood, Calif., studio.

Babaii spoke to PEOPLE magazine about the new bar: “It’s not just going to be a blowout bar,” he added: “It’s going to be ‘Hey, why don’t we do this style with your new body? It’s more about your lifestyle. There’s no judgment.”

The bar will emulate Paltrow’s healthy lifestyle, and sell 14 products from Babaii’s range of haircare products, none of which contain sulfates, parabens or petrochemicals and are all cruelty-free.

Babaii said: “It’s all about healthy ingredients, healthy products. And not getting something that you can do at home. It’s going to be a feel good bar. It’ll be cool. If you want that sleek, straight Gwyneth look, great! If you want the Kate Hudson bohemian waves, great!”

We are not sure how the Babaii Blow-dry bar will compare to DreamDrys, as the emphasis with Zoe’s bars centre on personal luxurious treatment, for example, the iPads are there so that you can choose from multiple styles (no dog eared hair magazines here!).

Then, after your hair is styled to perfection, your picture is taken and loaded into an online profile, so that you can access your own personal dossier.

Paltrows blow-dry bar appears at first glance, to focus on a healthy holistic approach to beauty and haircare.

And Tracy Anderson told Cosmopolitan.com: “As our members transform themselves into the women and men they want to be [in the studio], the David Babaii team will design a hairstyle customized for their face shape and lifestyle, as well as a product regime of what to use to keep them looking their best while [they’re] on the go, she added: “We are so excited to have partnered with David Babaii on the blow dry bar that we’ll be offering to members of our flagship studio located in Brentwood, CA.”

We do not have any information as to prices for treatments as yet, but we can tell you that the new blow dry bar opens April 4, along with the Tracy Anderson Studio’s opening, and memberships are limited and filling up.

You can check rates and availabilities by contacting info@tracyandersonmethod.com for more information.

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