Gutter Guards: A Buyer’s Guide

Gutter guards are an essential component of your home but shopping for them can be a bit of a head scratcher. Understandably, few people really know what to look for. Not all gutter guards are created equal and choosing the right one can mean the difference between gutter guard bliss and an array of headache inducing problems.

Cheap Gutter Guards Do More Harm Than Good

It’s always tempting to opt for the bargain, no matter what kind of product you’re considering. But all too often supposed “bargains” are wolves in sheep’s clothing. That’s especially true for a products like gutters guards that are so essential to the integrity of your home.

Low price doesn’t equal value. Most low-priced options carry a small price tag for a reason-their poor performance and craftsmanship. Cheap gutter guards come with a heftier price tag down the road when they fail and cause serious damage to your home.

Look For Gutter Guards With A Micromesh Screen – Older gutter guards often use solid aluminum or plastic coverings to block debris. To allow water into the gutter an opening remains between the back side of the cover and the roof’s edge.  This opening does allow water to pass into the gutter but it also allows other unwanted objects in too.

Debris can still slide into the gutter defeating the purpose of a  guard in the first place. The opening also leaves your gutters susceptible to insect invasions. Mosquitoes love gutters as a safe breeding ground, especially when debris blockages have allowed shallow pools of water to form.

Micromesh screens eliminate this problem because they cover the entire guard. They utilize a fine micromesh cover that allows water to enter but keeps even the smallest of debris out, preventing clogs while still allowing your gutters to perform their  job effectively. Additionally, a fully enclosed porous cover ensures that insects won’t be able to get in and breed or nest. Find a gutter guard with a screen made of a material that will be able to withstand the elements over time, such as stainless steel.

Find A Gutter Guard That Can Be Installed To Match The Pitch Of Your Roof

Most traditional gutter guards are installed on a flat plane, rendering them essentially useless when it comes to shedding debris. Their flat surface acts like a shelf instead, accumulating debris quickly.

By contrast, a gutter guard that can installed to match the pitch of your roof creates a seamless connection with the angle at the edge of your roof. This allows debris to be shed naturally by forces like wind and rain, reducing the number of times you have to get up on a ladder and sweep off your gutter guard.

Choose A Gutter Guard That Won’t Void Your Roof’s Warranty

With some gutter guards, the installation process can do significant damage to your shingles and thus your roof as a whole.  When a gutter guard is installed improperly underneath a shingle it can create gaps where water collects and begins damaging the fascia board.

Find a gutter guard system that is installed by a professional and is certified by major shingle retailers.

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