Guitar Hero 6: Hero or Zero?

Guitar Hero has been a smash hit of a game, and in our house we decided to purchase Guitar Hero 3: Legends of Rock for the Wii, as our Xbox 360 lived in the sanctuary of the parental bedroom and we wanted our children to be able to enjoy Guitar Hero with us. Later on, we added the World Tour game to our collection, expanding on the Guitar Hero family but retaining the GH3 guitar.

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Unfortunately we weren’t keen. The game was amazing, and a very pleasant way to while away the hours, but the guitar itself wasn’t very responsive and we had a lot of trouble with the red button getting stuck for no readily apparent reason. It’s an enormous compliment to the game itself that we carried on playing despite these issues, but we did moan almost constantly about the fact that the guitar didn’t do what your fingers told it to.

The idea of Guitar Hero is that you press buttons and strum at the right time to play the “notes” scrolling past on the screen; it’s a sort of Dance Dance Revolution for your hands, allowing us all the thrill of feeling like an accomplished guitarist without requiring a great deal of know-how. The varied levels of difficulty mean even our 9-year-old could have a go on the ‘beginner’ level as my husband, an experienced guitarist in real life, strove to master the ‘expert’ setting, and as a bit of light family entertainment it was ideal in every incarnation we encountered either at home or at friends’ houses.

But of course, as the idea is to press buttons at the right time, a controller that doesn’t respond to your finger presses is a bit of an issue and we were frustrated, which is why I decided to get Guitar Hero 6 for his birthday, and to buy the bundle including the newly remodelled guitar controller.

The new controller is far more responsive than the old one, and with its weightier feel it’s more comfortable to hold, as well. On a downside, the neck is much more heavily weighted due to an endeavour to stick all the essentials – including the Wii remote – in there. This makes it want to dip down on that side, which requires a bit of balance on your part and sacrifices a natural grip for a better controller.

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It feels a lot more solid than the old guitar, which helps you feel more like you’re a part of the song, and overall I can assure you that we’re arguing about who needs to use the old guitar and who gets the privilege of the new one. The game itself is jam-packed with rock classics and doesn’t shy away from newer, less well-known rock legends like Rise Against.

Overall, Guiter Hero 6: Warriors of Rock is a solid and fun game that irons out a lot of the issues the earlier editions struggled with. If you can afford the bundle, go for it; it’s well worth the improved gameplay, even if you already have an earlier guitar model.

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