Your Guide to the Perfect Secret Santa Gift

Buying the perfect Secret Santa gift can be fraught with difficulty; it’s a fine line between classy and tacky, useful and downright useless. So how do you make sure you’re the talk of the office for all the right reasons?

Well it’s best to steer clear from the crude or rude and leave the tasteless stuff for your nearest and dearest. Also gifts that are completely useless and destined for the charity bag won’t make much of an impact.

Instead, go for innovative, quirky gifts that the recipient is likely to use, even if it’s just a scented candle or a posh box of chocolates. And stay away from obvious ‘joke’ presents. Stick to food, booze or smellies if you really don’t have the time to shop around, but for some Christmas inspiration, check out what we’ve found online.

Long Life Milk Portable Charger (£14.99)

This clever little charger will keep your USB devices replenished with super fresh ‘milk’ power. It’s designed to be lightweight and portable so pop it in your pocket and you’ll never worry about charging your stuff again. Comes in three colours. Buy it from firebox.com.

DIY Butterfly Clock – (£14.99)

This is a simple design but so effective once assembled. All you have to do is press out the foam butterflies and then arrange them around the clock mechanism to symbolise the numbers 1-12. They can even be painted in different colours with acrylic paints. Buy it from findmeagift.co.uk.

Man Tin – (£6.99)

Every man needs one of these and now the man in question can throw out that old biscuit tin and use this Man Tin. Use for every item that he cannot throw away, this man tin is the perfect place to store all those little bits and bobs. Designed by Rachel Bright.  Buy it from presentsformen.co.uk.

Scented Bath Flowers (£9.99)

If you have to buy smellies, keep out of the supermarkets and instead wow your female colleagues or friends with these stunning bath flowers. This indulgent Bath Treat comes from Heathcote & Ivory and is scented with Sandalwood, Citrus and Cassis. Buy it from presentsformen.co.uk.


All men love whiskey, it’s the law, so entice their taste buds with this super festive blend of apples and, of course, Jack Daniel’s Old No.7 Tennessee Whiskey. Apparently you should serve this warm so get that fire going and invite a few chums round. Buy it from amazon.co.uk.

Psychedelic Veggie Kits (£14.99)

Veggie lovers get ready to be wowed with this super colourful assortment of hybrid seeds, including purple carrots, yellow courgettes and stripy tomatoes. Contains all the gear you need to get growing right away. Buy it from firebox.com.

FoodSkin Flexible Lunch Box (£19.99)

A great practical gift now, this is one present that your recipient will use again and again. The elasticated silicone skin is flexible so it keeps the shape of your sandwiches perfectly. And it flat packs down for easy storage and zip locks to keep food fresh. Buy it from firebox.com.

Smart Phone Projector 2.0 (£19.99)

This is a bit clever, the Smartphone projector V2.0 is the updated version of the original Smartphone projector, which was a best seller and is now out of stock until January 2015. No assembly required, and compatible with any smartphone to turn any wall into a cinema screen with 8x magnification. Buy it from iwantoneofthose.com.

Sushi Bazooka (£19.99)

Sushi lovers can now create the perfect sushi rolls, thanks to this little gadget. Turns out rolls with no mess, no fiddling, no trial or error. All you do is slice. Buy it from firebox.com.

Zippo Hand Warmer

This is one seriously cool way to warm up your hands on a winter’s day. Uses a platinum catalysed glass-fibre burner to create a really hot warmer that lasts for hours. Buy it from firebox.com.

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