Your Guide to Buying Multi-room Speakers

Gone are the days you had to pull speakers all over the house in order to get your music blasting from room to room.

Now multi-room systems allow you to simply place a speaker where you like and away you go.

Multi-room speakers work in different ways; some use Wi-Fi, others use Bluetooth and some even create their own networks.

They all let you play music through each speaker and vary enormously in costs.

Here’s our guide to help you choose which is the best device for your household:


Bose SoundTouch 10 - £169.95

If you want a simple-to-use device, that doesn’t cost the earth, and gives you good quality sound, stick with Bose. Cheap enough so that you can buy one and then add to your collection. Setting up is easy, you control sound through a smartphone and there’s also a separate remote.

Comes in black or white finishes.

From: Bose.co.uk


Pure Jongo - £99.99

We have featured Pure on Shoppersbase a few times because they make great DAB radios. They also manufacture good quality speakers as it goes. For the price, these obviously are not as good as more costly ones, but for a budget buy and to have a multi-room system, this isn’t bad. You control the speakers via the Pure app.

From: Pure.com


Ruark Multi-room R2 Mk3 - £399.95

For a gorgeous design and great quality sound, look no further than UK company Ruark. Crafted for those people who do not like cheap looing plastic devices and are prepared to pay extra. Sound is deep and resonating and the device also features DAB radio and FM.

Choose from walnut, soft white or soft black.

From: Johnlewis.com


SAMSUNG R7 360° Wireless Multi-Room Speaker – £429

This funky looking speaker will surely be the talk at any party. The 360 degree design allows for sound in all directions, and of course, it looks great too. Set up is easy on an iPhone or Android via an app.

Choose from black or white.

From: PCWorld.co.uk


Sonos - from £299 2 room set up

You get two speakers in one go here but that’s not what we love. The set-up is a cinch but what is impressive is the sound, thanks to Trueplay. This technology allows you to place the speakers in any location and Trueplay works out how to make them sound amazing. It does this by playing tones as you walk around the room until it has the perfect output.  Amazing!

From: Amazon.com


Philips Izzy - £99.99

Technophobes will love this Philips Izzy, even I can set it up! It does everything itself, even creates its own network, all you do is press a button, there’s no pairing with routers and no password creation. To play your music just press the Bluetooth button on the Izzy. The easiest multi-room system manufactured.

From: Amazon.com

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