Your Guide to Bikinis for Plus Sized Ladies


Figleaves Fantasie Denver Bikini.

Figleaves Fantasie Denver Bikini.

It’s summer which usually means it’s thetime when we ladies start to look at our bodies in a full length mirror and worry about baring all.

If you are heading off on vacation shortly, you may have already decided not to wear a bikini on the beach. But there are ways to flatter your figure so that every woman can wear this essential beach two-piece.

Whatever your figure, take a look at our tips to looking fabulous whatever your size.

Basic tips for wearing a bikini

Bikini Tops

Ladies who are blessed with anything above a B Cup should always opt for an underwired top. This gives additional support and provides a clean silhouette to your overall shape.

Bikini Bottoms

If you have quite short legs and want to elongate them, wear bottoms with a high arch. The higher the arch on a set of knickers, the longer the leg will look.


If you are not confident to bare all on the beach, choose a cover-up with a tie-waist. This will cinch you in and flatter your figure. Then, when you want to give your legs some exposure to the sun and tan them, you can then open up the garment and sunbathe.


As for patterns, opt for a piece with loads of details, this will have the effect of drawing the eye away from you and onto the garment.

So for instance, if you a larger bottom and smaller bust, pick a patterned top and a plain colour block pair of bottoms. This will keep the attention on the top half and distract the eye away from the bottom half.


Wear black on areas you want to slim down, and white on areas you want to make bigger. So if you have a big bust and small bottom, a black top with white bikini bottoms will be the ideal combination.

Bikinis for ladies with a bigger bust

L-R Lisa Marie Fernandez Poppy bandeau bikini £310, Lisa Marie Fernandez Jasmine bikini £275, Lisa Marie Fernandez Sailor bikini £315

L-R Lisa Marie Fernandez Poppy bandeau bikini £310, Lisa Marie Fernandez Jasmine bikini £275, Lisa Marie Fernandez Sailor bikini £315

The most important thing to consider when buying a bikini when you have a larger bust is to buy according to your bra size.

As for styles, you should probably opt for a halter neck bikini top, as these tend to have wider straps that are also sturdier and adjustable around the neck. Something else to consider is a tieback on a bikini top.

This allows you more freedom as opposed to a clasp-back. Tiebacks let you adjust according to exactly how tight or loose you want the strap to be.

Other styles that flatter a larger bust are bustier tops, and bandeaus that have hidden support and extend a little more below the chest.

Bikinis for ladies with a larger tummy

Ladies with a larger tummy look great in 1950’s style bikinis. These are bikinis that typically have a halter neck bust, which is flattering for larger bosomed ladies also, and a full, deep knicker, which covers the base of the bottom to the top of the stomach.

These types of knickers usually have some sort of support in them, making them perfect to pull in flabby tummies, and give a little extra reinforcement.

When thinking about 50’s bikini, channel you inner Marilyn Monroe and 50’s Hollywood starlets.

Bikinis for ladies with larger bottoms

L-R Dolce & Gabbana Printed bikini £192, Dolce & Gabbana Floral-print bustier bikini £445, Flagpole Swim Perry bikini £295

L-R Dolce & Gabbana Printed bikini £192, Dolce & Gabbana Floral-print bustier bikini £445, Flagpole Swim Perry bikini £295

There’s not much you can do if you have an ample backside, but you can disguise it. Steer clear from string bikinis and high cut bottoms.  Instead opt for a bottom with plenty of fabric that adequately covers you, and look for a two-piece where the bottom is a plain colour and the top is patterned.

This will draw the eye to the top and away from the bottom.

Alternatives to bikinis

One thing to remember about baring all on a beach is that most holiday-makers are going through exactly the same worries as you. However, they are not looking at you, they are too concerned with how they look.

So this is something to bear in mind.

If you do feel that wearing a bikini is just too revealing, why not wear one underneath a kimono or a beach cover-up?

There are some fabulously sexy see-through thigh-length cover-ups, that when matched with a wide-brimmed hat an over-sized sunglasses will ramp up the sex appeal.

These are also good to wear if you have a great set of legs that you want to show off.

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