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Do you remember when we featured the AirRam vacuum cleaner by Gtech a few years back? It was one of those head-slap products that made you think ‘Why didn’t I come up with that idea?’

The concept of a lightweight vacuum cleaner with no troublesome lead to hold you back and a compact drawer to hold the dust was nothing short of genius.

Now the company has done it again. This time with electric bikes.

What would encourage you to get out on your bicycle more often? Or perhaps the question should be – what is putting you off? For me it is the steep hill at the end of my lane that goes into town. Now I have a bike and if I had a little more energy I would love to cycle the couple of miles to the shops on a warm day. But that hill, well………I’m never going to make it.

However, Gtech have thought of that. Their ebike is an electrically powered bike that they say will ‘let you fall in love with cycling again’.

The simplicity is what I love. You ride it like a normal bike but there are no gears to get to grips with, this means that even the most novice of riders can cycle on it.

The difference with Gtech’s ebike is as soon as you start to pedal, the lithium-ion battery and motor will boost your pedal power and give you that extra push you need to get up those pesky hills. And best of all, the battery is disguised as a water bottle so no one need know you are cheating!

It is simple to ride the Gtech ebike, if you want to go fast you just pedal and when you want to slow down you apply the brakes.

eBike Sports

How does the Gtech ebike work?

The ebike does not have any gears or a chain, instead it is fitted with a clean carbon belt, similar to the ones used on high-performance motor cycles.

There is also a built-in computer that is constantly monitoring your performance to give you the optimum riding experience. When it senses you might need a little boost the battery kicks in.

The system is totally automatic and will keep your speed at a regular rate if that is what you want. However, you will feel the benefit the most when you approach a hill and the battery starts to take over.

Thanks to the 36v high torque motor, which is concealed in the rear wheel of the ebike, you can choose between 2 cruising speeds by the push of a button. Or if you prefer, you can always ride the ebike as you would a normal bike.

eBike City

The ebike is powered by a lithium-ion battery, which is exactly the same as the ones used in electric cars. On a fully charged battery you will get a range of around 30 miles, plenty for cycling to work and back, or a day out sightseeing.

The battery has an LED display which shows you exactly how much charge is remaining and you can easily remove it from the bike frame for easy charging.

A mains charger is supplied with the bike and the battery takes only about 3 hours to fully recharge.

As for cost, the bike isn’t cheap, but it is not the most expensive electric bikes around, and there are others.

There are currently two ebikes available, the ebike City and the ebike Sports. Both cost £995.

Gtech are so confident that you will love their bikes that they offer a 14 day home trial and free assembly, delivery and returns.

All I know is that I want one!

For more information visit Gtech.co.uk

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