‘Groom and Guy’: the First Luxury Magazine for Gay Couples

13298089_1124811597541090_459654066_nA magazine aimed at gay couples who are getting hitched has officially launched in Australia and from what we can see it’s a classy affair.

The founders of Groom and Guy, Matty Bulger and his partner Tony Smith, describe the magazine as ‘Australia and New Zealand’s first and only luxury gay wedding resource’.

The magazine is a glossy page-turner, filled with articles focusing on style, fashion, travel and of course, weddings and the honeymoon. It is available in both print and online and costs $14.95 Australian dollars.

13248899_1749351365311905_1906579014_nThey make no apologies for future competitors and say that they aimed for the top with their magazine as they wanted to be the fore-runners:

“In no way, shape or form is there anything presently available that is comparable to what G+G is or what it achieves. We are the benchmark, and we have set it pretty high (apologies in advance to our future competitors).”

But they don’t just want gay people to read the magazine for ideas about their weddings. The couple believe that G+G can be much more than that:

“G+G is inspiration for not only your special day but also for your everyday life – from how to entertain, to what to wear and everything in between.”

They have collected ideas and interests into the magazine to make it a kind of guide for lifestyles and hope that it will provide inspiration for people:

“G+G has been created so that you have the most definitive collection of ideas, suppliers and real life stories at your fingertips.”

13256663_949636995154456_1131629745_nUnlike many other forward thinking countries, Australia still lags behind when it comes to gay rights, as same sex marriage rights are not legal in Australia. This hasn’t stopped the couple from creating their magazine to help them on their special day:

“Couples continue to make the decision to create something truly special to mark their love and respect for one another, even if it isn’t binding in the eyes of the law.”

As for the couple’s future, it seems that they have no plans of stopping just at the magazine:

“Our journey has just begun and we are already shaking things up,” they wrote.

13259485_1761979634048259_509197376_nAnd they are excited to see what the future will bring:

“We are thrilled you are a part of this and are so excited to show you what we have on offer! Rest assured, Groom and Guy is for you.”

The first edition of Groom + Guy is already out and is available in over 1,900 stockists throughout Australia and New Zealand.

The next edition won’t be out until November, 2016

Groom + Guy costs $14.95 AUD and a subscription costs $28.40.

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