Green your Bathroom

Green bathroom

Green bathroom

Technically, your day won’t start without visiting the bathroom. Your entire personal cleaning and hygiene process happens in the bathrooms. It’s funny that the place where we brush our teeth, bathe and take a dump is not really the cleanest place! Most of the bathrooms are filled with unwanted toxic chemicals. However, a simple solution to all this is by going green. It is the perfect way to encourage good healthy and at the same time stay clean.

But, there is one big question..How can you green your bathroom? Simple, just by following a few simple tips you can make your bathroom more eco-friendly, have a robust health, make the planet greener and most importantly have a healthy home. The best part is, you get to do all this without compromising on your luxury, all you need to know is what to do and where to shop.

Tips to Green Your Bathroom

Here are a few simple tips that can help you to have a pleasant, guilt-free and toxic-free bathroom:

  • Biodegradable is the way to go: Be it for shampoos, conditioners and soaps, most of the beauty products available in the market contain petroleum; unfortunately we are washing all of them down the drain. Instead of choosing such heavy-chemical products, why not go for the biodegradable beauty products? There are many eco-friendly biodegradable, vegetable-based, awesome scented products available in the market. All you need to do is look for a eco-friendly personal care brand and make your purchases.
  • Low-flow but High-pressure Showerheads: Most of us tend to waste a lot of water while showering. However, to reduce the wastage of water there are many low-flow showerheads that are made available in the market. The idea behind using these showerheads is that it not only helps in saving water but also gives you the satisfaction of taking a nice shower. Just because it says ‘low-flow’ it doesn’t mean that you need to compromise on the water pressure.
  • Green Cleaners for Clean Air: Most of the bathrooms are ridiculously small and have very poor ventilation and for this particular reason, it becomes very important that one cleans it with non-toxic, green cleaners. If you want to go the complete-natural-way, then you can make use of vinegar and baking soda or even a little elbow grease to clean your bathroom. However, if this does not give you the complete satisfaction of a clean bathroom, you can always opt for the various green eco-friendly bathroom cleaners available in the market.
  • Towels and Linens: You can even make your bathroom clean by using eco-friendly towels and linens. Just by investing a few extra bucks, you can use towels and linens made out of organic cotton and bamboo. The extra expenditure might seem unnecessary, but did you know that the basic cotton available is considered to the most pesticide-laden and chemically-intensive crops grown and it is one of the sole causes for a whole lot of environmental health problems? Also, due to these pesticides used for the cotton crops, there is a lot of damage being caused to the soil, groundwater and irrigation systems. Now, knowingly, why take the extra risk and cause damage? Moreover, bamboo is has amazing antibacterial qualities and makes for a safe cotton substitute.
  • Save Toilet Water: One of the best things that you can do to do your bit to save the planet is by installing a dual-flush toilet. Yes it can be a little heavy on the pocket, but is totally worth it. A dual-flush toilet is the perfect way to save up on water by choosing the amount of water that you want to flush depending on what you flush. If you cannot afford it, you can always place sand filled plastic containers to dispose water, this can be a little tedious, but is totally worth it!
  • Turn off the Water: Almost every alternate person has the bad habit of keeping the water on while brushing or washing the face. Nothing can be more overwhelming than wasting tons of water. Please put in a conscious effort to turn the tap off if you are not using it. If you cannot follow it, make sure you get an aerator so that you would use less water without even realizing it.

With these simple tips you can green your bathroom and keep it as eco-friendly as possible. Always remember that it is your duty to save your planet. Don’t you want your future generation to experience and enjoy what you have got today? Be a responsible individual and do your bit to keep our mother Earth a safer place to live-in.  

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